Broccoli, Grapes, Sunflower Seeds Cold Salad

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Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

Simple recipe that I got from my mom. A great change from ordinary salads.

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  1. Chop broccoli, red onion, and grapes.
  2. Transfer to large bowl.
  3. Add Bacos and sunflower seeds.
  4. Prepare sauce and add to bowl.
  5. Stir and serve or refrigerate.
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Absolutely delicious...a keeper!!

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Loved this salad! I've been trying Broccoli Salad recipes for years and this is the first one that hits it out of the park. I used raisins instead of grapes but otherwise followed the recipe exactly.

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I thought this was excellent! Made it last night and my whole family ate it all up! That is unusual. Thanks for a good recipe that I'll make often.