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This was a great recipe. My girlfriend and I made these pickles on Saturday, and we ate two jars at Sunday supper with the family. Even just a day later, they were great! We also used the same recipe to make a couple jars of relish (same recipe and process, just cubing the cucumbers nice and small and cooking it all down in a pot before canning).

The only problem we had with this recipe was that we were using pint jars instead of quart jars. I anticipated that if this recipe (specifically the brine/syrup of it) would fill 3 quart jars, it should nearly fill 6 pint jars. I had extra cucumbers, enough to fill 8 pint jars, but had to end up making 3 batches of syrup to fill 8 jars. It may be that our 500ml jars here in Canada are slightly different sizes than your imperial pint jars. Or it may be that I didn't pack enough cucumbers into each jar (which would displace the liquid and make it go further). Either way, I'll be making this again (perhaps with some of my own variations, as well). Thanks for the recipe!

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wordslinger August 12, 2010

Can't believe I didn't rate these last year!
I made my first attempt at canning anything last year with this recipe...my only difference in the recipe...I added a sprinkle of pickling spice to my liquid.
Entered these pickles in the county fair and won 1st PLACE!!! These are great and easy!!!

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LisaDBcooksforfive July 16, 2010

This was the first time I've canned. These turned out so well, that I made them 3 times to rave reviews. The recipe was detailed enough for a newbie to follow. I also like there are a few ingredients.

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totti10 August 18, 2010

WOW these were not only easy but so good! I have been making pickles for years and have a ton of cucumbers in the garden this year (not pickeling) so I decided to slice them up and make these, this reccipe is my new go to. I even brought some to work and gave them to a couple of customers who said I should sell them, who doesn't love a compliment! Thank You MaeEast, my family will be stocked up on Bread and Butter Pickles for the year now.

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Cherbear64 August 03, 2010

Five Stars!!! This is the fourth year I have made this recipe . I get 4 batches out of a 1/2 bushel of pickles , I do add 1 finely chopped red pepper to every batch for color, ( Only because the blue ribbon winner at the Erie County Fair had red pepper in hers ) Don 't forget to make extra ice or buy a bag. Crank the A.C. Down and Enjoy your time in the kitchen!!!

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Brownigrl July 23, 2012

Excellent! Very easy to make and the spices were perfect. Will be making more of these---was out in the garden this morning telling the bees to pollinate faster and the cucumber bushes to speed up their production--LOL

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Yakima Valley Grammie August 07, 2010

This was my first time canning. An excantly recipe. Easy to follow.

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rjmorrow August 04, 2010

I wasn't expecting this to be so easy. Usually I have to try several recipes for something AT LEAST before finding the one that I'll keep. I don't think these can be much improved upon though! They taste just like the ones you buy except with a little extra Zing! BF hates onions, so I halved them (didn't wanna leave them out and corrupt the flavor) And ended up with a PERFECT 3 quarts (down to the last tsp of brine) I only made them a few days ago and already they're ready to go. And onion hating BF just sat down with a jar of them and a fork, can't get a better compliment then that trust me! Thanks MaeEast!

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Nikoma August 01, 2010

Awesome recipe. I have made 2 batches with rave reviews. One friend wanted to buy them to give as Xmas gifts. I made one batch very Spicy by adding cayenne & crushed red pepper , jalapeno pepper red & green cut in rings and a seeded diced habanero. You only need a small amount of habanero they are really hot.Use gloves when handling habaneros. I used 1 in my whole batch. I bought some dried Tampico red chili peppers & hydrated them in hot water before putting one in each jar. I also cut an orange bell pepper & put it in as well. Pickles looked great & definately had a kick- THANK YOU!

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margiecraig November 30, 2009

This recipe was great! I substituted white vinegar for the cider vinegar and they came out fine. Also, I had some liquid left over from round one, so I made a second batch the next day using the same liquid. Came out great! Thanks for a "keeper".

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Wombee July 29, 2010
Bread and Butter Pickles