Microwave Bread & Butter Pickles

"My mom just gave me this recipe so I haven't tried it but she said the pickles are delicious. Microwave Bread & Butter Pickles"
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photo by Ambervim
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Ready In:
1 pint




  • Mix all in a 2 quart bowl (microwavable) and microwave on High 8 to 9 minutes, stirring twice during cooking time.
  • Cukes will be crisp, onions translucent.
  • My mom has a small microwave that is not very powerful so she had to microwave hers a little longer.

Questions & Replies

  1. How do I print your recipe?
  2. Can I use regular burpless cucumbers for this recipe? I didn't grow pickling cukes and have more regular cukes coming in than I can eat in a couple days.


  1. As much as I like these, I will have to buy new refrigerator for a 5 gal bucket. Beats all other recipes. Thank you!
  2. Hubby has made these three times. We grew our own pickling cucumbers this year and we all love these. They are so easy to make. We have made them with sugar and splenda. We liked them both ways. We also made them once with less sugar and enjoyed them like that too. Great versatile recipe.
  3. I do NOT like cucumers or pickles, but I do like B&B pickles and I hava a bunch of cukes. So I tried this. It was so easy and tastes just like the ones from the store. Next time I will cook them a little less than 8 minutes and slice them a little thicker. I used powdered yellow mustard for the seeds.
  4. A friend gave me this recipe attached to a jar with a circle of red/white checked fabric over the top. How cool was that? The pickles are excellent, easy, and great to give as gifts too. I use 1 tsp celery salt and eliminate the celery seeds and it's perfect every time. I also made a red potato salad and use the onions and pickles in it. Yum! Thanks for sharing this awesome find.
  5. I had to come back, I forgot the stars last time. This was my second attempt at pickles and they were wonderful. I reviewed it before and couldn't find my copy so when I came back I saw I was so excited I forgot the stars.


  1. These are great bread and butter pickles. I used regular and white pickling cucumbers and substituted half the onions for some red bell pepper. They tasted great and they looked good too. Thanks, Cathi for a great recipe.



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