Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

The finest CRISPY batter recipe. Always used by myself and never fails to impress. For the crispiest batter you must steer well clear of eggs! This is great for fish, chicken, mushrooms onions etc. Good Baatter consistency: Dip your finger into batter. It should not run off the finger but drip off after around 5secs.


  1. Sift Flour and Baking Powder into a bowl.
  2. Pour Liquid, (Lager is best but Water can also be used) into a bowl.
  3. Sift Flour and Baking powder mix over the liquid a little at a time whisking inbetween until all is mixed with no lumps.
  4. At this stage, check consistency to your requirements. Add a little more flour for thicker batter, a little more liquid for a thinner batter. No more Baking powder is needed.
  5. Use immediately, no need to rest.
Most Helpful

Easy to make and oh so good.

djones240 April 01, 2015

the boyfriend used this recipe on mushrooms and steak tips. mmmmm!!! Thick,crispy, and not gooey and ALSO IS STILL GOOD leftover!! had em in the fridge for a few days and were almost as good as when we made them, and i have NEVER said that about anything battered! Thanks for our new go-to batter recipe!! OUTSTANDING!!!

Chef GreanEyes October 17, 2010

Great batter recipe! I used it on Tilapia (not the best choice for a frying fish, but we were snowbound and it was in the freezer). It turned out very light and crispy the first time on the fish, so much so that I did it again the next day for onion rings! Thanks for sharing!

CityGirlExiledToASmallTown December 08, 2009