Batter Fried Anything

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by dojemi

As the recipe implies, this batter may be used for anything.

Top Review by 3KillerBs

A nice, light batter that goes a long way. I fried a big zucchini, a big yellow straightneck, and two large patty pan squash -- enough for 6 adults and two kids -- and I have leftovers.

It only misses being 5-star by being bland. I ended up adding some garlic powder and Italian seasoning for a flavor boost. But it was perfectly crisp and didn't get greasy.

Update: I have fried everything I ever fry in this mix -- squash, onion rings, chicken tenders, pork cubes, catfish nuggets, ... and, except for needing seasoning, it has worked well. I have made it with self-rising flour and no baking powder. I have made it with 1/3 cornbread mix subbed for part of the flour, and I have made it with beer instead of milk. It never fails to stick to the food and its never heavy.


  1. Sift first four ingredients together.
  2. Add egg and milk.
  3. Mix thoroughly.

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