Barbecued Frankfurters

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Total Time
10 mins
25 mins

This as always been in my favorite food top five, until I was like 20 this was my favorite thing ever. This is so so good. O and I have heard people not know a frankfurter is the real name for weeny or the meat thing you put in hot dogs.

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  1. In skillet pour boiling water over frankfurters and let boil about 5 minutes to plump. Pour off water and make a split down the middle of each frankfurter but not all way to the other side ( you are going to put cheese into the slice).
  2. Break up the cheese and put half a slice into the slit on each frankfurter.
  3. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over frankfurters in skillet. Simmer about 15 minutes spooning sauce over frankfurters from time to time. Add a table of water during cooking if necessary.
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I really liked this recipe. I used Ball Park Fat Free Franks. I thought soy sauce was a strange ingredient, but it all tasted wonderful. I thought all the cheese would ooze out during simmering, but it didn't. I enjoyed this new twist on hotdogs since I can no longer grill... in an apartment now.