Amaretto Almond Liqueur (Homemade)

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 2 mins

This is from Emeril Lagasse's website. I needed some for a recipe and didn't have any so I tried this. Very quick and easy. Even had some left over for a sour. It was great and much cheaper.

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  1. In a small sauce pan over medium heat bring 1 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup water to boil.
  2. Let boil for 2 minutes to make a syrup.
  3. Set aside to cool slightly.
  4. When cooled mix 3 cups vodka, almond extract and 1 cup of the syrup mixture.
  5. It's ready to bottle.


Most Helpful

Unbelievable that such a simple mixture of few ingredients changed very cheap Russian vodka so delicious! I really recommend to keep it for 2 months as the flavor bloomed so much that I could barely feel vodka in it. I also recommend to add brown sugar instead of white so it will give original brownish-nut ala almond colour.

fabon September 24, 2011

Ok even though I haven't really given it time to sit I am ready to rate it. I am giving it 5 stars because mixed into one of my new favorite drinks (Amaretto Heston) it is absolutely perfect! I took a taste right after mixing it up and it was WAY too strong lol infact the vodka gave me quite the burn going down and I only had a small sip lol. I figured it was my own fault and that if I let it properly sit and mix together longer it would blend better and wouldn't be so strong. My husband said it had pockets of just vodka even though I mixed it well so I think time would fix that. However after I poured it into the bottle I had some left over and decided to see if it would make a difference when mixed into a drink rather than straight and it made ALL the world of difference. So I will try this again after it sits for a while, but even if just used for things like mixed drinks or food dishes it is a very simple and satisfying alternative to buying amaretto. Oh and I added a bit of food coloring to get a brown tint so it would look more authentic and so I would know it wasn't just water or vodka in the bottle.

CulinaryExplorer March 01, 2008

We couldn't wait long enough for this recipe to cool down. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed sipping this beverage, despite the fact that it was still warm! I haven't had amaretto for a long time and have great memories of it, so this made me appreciate it that much more. I made this for my teammate for ZWT7. Thanks Marlitt! :)

Nif May 31, 2011

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