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Restaurant Copycat Recipes

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Why wait until your next takeout night to enjoy your favorite restaurant dish? Our stockpile of spot-on copycat recipes is guaranteed to make believers out of your taste buds — and your family. Even better? No tip required!

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15 Best Starbucks Copycats

Skip the morning coffee run: Brew and bake up beloved Starbucks treats with our copycat recipes. From frappuccinos to scones, we've got it all!

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Must-Try: Starbucks Pumpkin Scones

Cheesecake Factory Copycats

Though its cheesecakes are the star, there's more to this chain than just dessert.

Pasta, shrimp & more »

Try Applebee's at Home

Forgo to-go and re-create these Applebee's favorites in your own kitchen.

15 popular menu picks »

Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookies

Don't wait around for Girl Scout cookie season — your Thin Mint fix is just a click away.

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Outback Steakhouse Cookbook

Reimagine favorites like the famous Bloomin' Onion with Lvs2Cook's down-under-inspired menu.

Our best Outback remakes »

Grocery Store Copycats

From snacks to sides, get home cook ElaineAnn's go-to recipes
for store-bought goods.

Green Giant corn & more »

3,000+ Copycat Recipes

Learn how to master top takeout dishes at home with these easy recipes.

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10 Ways With Canned Tuna

Discover clever ways to turn canned tuna into the star of your dinner table with these tasty ideas.

Pasta, burgers & more »

Quick 100-Calorie Snacks

Keep hunger at bay by munching on these portable, crunchy, sweet and salty eats between meals!

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