Zero Calorie Lemon Slushie

"Well if you like slushies or slurpies but hate all that sugar and calories this is a great alternative. Tastes amazing and its really simple. You don't have to use the lemonaid flavor that just happens to be my favorite any koolaid flavor will sufice. And the best part calories! Ok stop reading this and go make it."
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Ready In:




  • Add the koolaid packet and equal packets to a blender.
  • Add the Ice then Water.
  • Throughly blend.
  • Stop every 10 to 12 seconds and mix the top ice to the bottom.
  • When throughly blended spoon to glasses and enjoy!

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  1. Tastes delicious, super smooth, and an easy low calorie way to get that low calorie texture. Tasted so good I put it in my bong, and now my life is a living hell of blenders, but they refigerate well so i only have to make a big pitcher or two every few days.
  2. I have a blender that is not so great and it had a really hard time with this, even with using the crushed ice from the front of the refigerator. I used the single serving packets of presweetened lo-cal lemonade, and we used two packs. Due to the ice issues this was only so-so in my house, but one that I think would be great with a good blender. Thanks for posting.
  3. I used a small amount of Crystal Light and skipped the Equal. I t reminded me of a 7-Eleven Slurpie including the brain freeze. A fun treat for kids of all ages. Thanks.
  4. EDITED REVIEW: OK...I used lemon lime koolaid (thinking limeade from Sonic) and added some frozen strawberries and more than the called for amount of sweetener and this was so sour it twisted my face into a grimace instantly. I wonder how Countrytime lemonade would be....I think I prefer a sweeter taste. If you love super sour stuff, this is it for you! Thanks for posting.
  5. Worked well, I mixed the Koolaid and equel then seperated the mix. used ice in porportion to mix but had to use smae amount of water... worked great with Magic Bullet Blender System



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