White Bean Piccata

"Mmmm, lemony piccata ... who says it can only be made with veal or chicken? This version uses white beans (navy or cannellinis work well). Capers are optional ... I personally can't stand them, but they are a typical piccata ingredient, so use if you like. Serve with fresh hot spaghetti noodles."
White Bean Piccata created by Bobtail
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  • Saute onions and garlic in olive oil in a medium saucepan until transparent- do not allow to brown.
  • Slowly stir in flour and cook and stir until combined and"rawness" is gone.
  • Combine hot broth and water; slowly whisk into flour mixture until smooth and slightly thickened.
  • Add lemon juice, salt, beans and capers (if using).
  • Cook and stir until thickened a little more (mixture will thicken more upon cooling and once mixed with pasta).
  • Serve with hot spaghetti noodles.
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  1. Okra4540
    Just made this for the 2nd time and really like it but with some minor changes. My first time making it, I only added 4 Tbls. lemon juice (after tasting it, I thought 5 Tbls would be too sour for me) and one can of beans. The second time, I also sauteed 1/2 cup celery with the onions, used Better Than Boullion with water for the veg broth, and a can of great northern beans as well as a can of pinto beans. Served on whole wheat rotini. Update 8/26/12 Wanted to add that, yes, I did use the capers, which I love. I guess I don't understand the aversion to them. They're nothing but pickled flower buds from a caper bush.
  2. 55tbird
    I liked this a lot. Next time I will add sauteed fresh mushrooms and swiss chard.
  3. Bobtail
    White Bean Piccata Created by Bobtail
  4. Bobtail
    This is a wonderful recipe, which I prepared as directed by the instructions, just adding a bit of spinach at the end and not using the capers. I did prepare this ahead of time, fully intending to serve over spaghetti for dinner. However, upon tasting it , I said to heck with the spaghetti and just heated it and ate it as a soup. I just love the fresh clean flavor that the lemon juice gave the beans. Who needs veal or chicken? The beans hit the spot. However, the next time I would like to try it with the capers and serve over spaghetti, to be true to the recipe. Yummy! Thanks EGA!
  5. lecole54
    Delicious! Both I and the DH love capers (if you do too, see my recipe for fish fillets with lemon and capers -- #394159), so I was pretty sure this would be a hit. Added 2/3 of a green pepper (chopped) and two handfuls of baby spinach as recommended, and served it over penne, which is what I had in the house at the time. Yummy, and will definitely make it again!

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