Unbaked Fudge Cookies

"A family favourite that we've always preferred to everyone else's variation. Quick and easy to make, too."
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Ready In:
36 cookies




  • Combine sugar, cocoa, milk, margarine and vanilla in a pot.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Boil for 3 minutes.
  • Stir in oats, coconut and raisins.
  • Drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet (may want to put waxed paper first).
  • Freeze.
  • After they're completely frozen, you may want to remove them from the pan and put them in a tupperware container.

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  1. At 6:30 I was finishing up dinner, when it occurred to me - there was a meeting taking place at my house at 7:30, and I was supposed to provide dessert! I had none. Fortunately, I remembered seeing this recipe. By 6:37 I was trotting into the kitchen, clutching my printout. (I did cut the recipe in half, and reduced the sugar by one quarter.) By 6:52 I was scooping out cookies. By 6:58 I was clearing the newspapers off the dining room table and realizing I still had half an hour to goof off. Oh, and the cookies? Delicious, and very well received.
  2. Very rich, yummy fudge cookie. On the sweet side and the sugar content could be lowered without adversely affecting the recipe. Very quick and easy to make and it just hit the right [sweet] spot!
  3. I used to make these a lot while I was in high school, but lost the recipe in the years since. I reduce the sugar to only one cup, and use 3/4 milk with 1/4 c butter and they come out just the same, but I don't feel as bad about eating half the batch the first day. I also never bother to freeze them unless I need them to be cool right away; my freezer is too narrow for baking sheets anyway. They will set fine on the counter, however it's much harder to not eat them when they're out in plain sight!
  4. This is the only recipe for these that I have found which turns out a cookie that is actually chewy and fudgy, and not drier and crumblier. Awesome tasty morsels. I think everyone around here ate these growing up. We call them haystacks.


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