Traditional Mexican Wedding Cookies

"My mom and I have been baking these for as long as I can remember. They are delectable butter-type cookies served as favors at traditional Mexican weddings. They also make a wonderful addition to any Christmas goodie platter."
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photo by Dine Dish
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Ready In:
3 dozen




  • Cream together butter and powdered sugar until light and fluffy; stir in vanilla.
  • Whisk together flour and salt; add gradually to butter mixture; stir in chopped nuts.
  • Chill dough if it seems too soft.
  • Form dough into 1 1/4" balls and place onto parchment-lined or ungreased baking sheets.
  • Bake at 400° for 10-12 minutes or just until the cookies start to turn light golden-brown; remove from oven and allow to cool slightly; while cookies are still warm (but NOT hot) remove them from baking sheets and roll, a few at a time, in powdered sugar until evenly coated; cool cookies completely on wire racks.
  • Cookies may (optionally) be rolled in powdered sugar a second time once cooled to room temperature.
  • NOTE: Forming dough into 1" balls will increase yield to 48 cookies.

Questions & Replies

  1. Delicious flavor, but crumbled when I picked them up to roll in the powdered sugar. Any suggestions?
  2. What kind of flour do you find is best for this recipe? Is it just all purpose?
  3. my cookies have flattend out during cooking. what am I doing wrong?
  4. Question is NOT freeze dough before baking, but can you freeze fully prepared cookie AFTER baking, perhaps without powdered sugar until out of freezer and ready to serve
  5. Can I make this without vanilla? Husband allergic to it.


  1. My Mexican husband gives these his full approval :-) I will make one suggestion. I found it much easier to put the powdered sugar in a plastic storage bag, drop in 2 or 3 cookies and turn the bag over in my hands a couple of times, then remove them with tongs. They came out more evenly covered and then I just tossed the bag when finished. One less bowl to clean!
  2. The flour/butter/sugar ratio is not good in this recipe. The cookies have a floury rather than rich taste. Here's a much better recipe from The New Complete Book of Mexican Cooking: 1 cup flour; 1/2 cup confectioners' sugar; 1 cup unsalted butter; pinch of salt; 1 cup pecans, finely chopped; 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Also the baking time is very different--350 degree F oven for 30 minutes, not such a high heat for a short time so you avoid the overly brown bottom problem.
  3. This recipe is perfect. I am literally making over 300 cookies to send out in Christmas boxes! That's how easy they are to make! I have experimented with different nuts in this cookie and all have come out wonderfully. I like to roll mine in powdered sugar as soon as they come out of the oven. Makes a bit of a mess on my fingers, but the cookies come out beautifully. Do not refrigerate this dough. Mix it. Bake it. Eat it. Don't make it complicated. Life is too short for complicated cookies y'all! :-)
  4. I've been making these for years. They are also known as Snowballs and Russian Tea Cookies. When I make these for large cookie trays, I sometimes use dried fruits, i.e. strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, etc. and process them into a powder to add to the 10X sugar when rolling them. It adds pretty pastel colors to the cookie trays and gives a little hint of flavor to them. I place each cookie in small paper liners.
  5. These are delicious little cookies. I skip the second coat of optional sugar coating at the end. It’s very pretty but unnecessary. Followed the recipe to a T. Watch the bottoms of the cookie for browning. Once they’re a light Golden, take them out. It’s hard to know sometimes just by looking at the tops of the cookies. Would love to post a pic but I don’t use FB...I’m a 38 year old wife, have 3 human babies, 2 kittens, 1 puppy & 5 silkie chickens. I don’t have time for FB! Lol


  1. 400 is too hot. They burn past 7 minutes. Cook at 350 for 17-19mins on parchment paper. Let cool 10 mins then roll them in powdered sugar. Move to rack for complete cooling. After cooled completely, roll in powdered sugar again.
  2. I've made this excellent recipe for years adding1 tsp almond extract in addition to the vanilla. Try it--it really enhances the flavor. Everyone loves them and they are the one cookie I must make for Christmas.
  3. Substituted almond extract (instead of vanilla) and chopped almonds. Baked at 375 F. Very good!
  4. For something extra special add a couple of tablespoons of Amaretto or bourbon. Also wrap dough around Hershey’s Kisses
  5. I'm about to make these with gluten free flour and sugar I'll let you know how they turn out


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