Texas Spaghetti

Texas Spaghetti created by Rhonda in Texas

This is not your ordinary spaghetti, In fact, it is more like a casserole, but I like it.

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  • Brown meat,and chopped onion.
  • Add tomato soup,green pepper and noodles.
  • Cover and simmer 10 minutes.
  • Pour 1/2 of mixture into casserole.
  • Layer with mozzarella cheese, golden mushroom soup, black olives, ending with mozzarella cheese and the Parmesan last.
  • COVER AND COOK 350°F for 30 MINUTES.
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@paula giles
@paula giles
"This is not your ordinary spaghetti, In fact, it is more like a casserole, but I like it."

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  1. Sharon S.
    Easy to make. I cooked the green pepper with the meat and onion as suggested as well. Very good.
  2. Texas Aggie Mom
    This was very good. I cooked the bell pepper with the meat as suggested by another reviewer and upped the mozzarella to about 3 cups because we love cheese. Also, after cooking my noodles I stirred the tomato soup into them to keep them from sticking together while I was cooking the meat. This makes a huge casserole. Three of us ate great big servings and there was still more than half left. I'm going to make half the recipe next time.
  3. internetnut
    I gave this recipe 4 stars. This recipe got mixed reviews in my house. My picky 4 yr old & 6 yr old newphews did not like this. My 7 yr old niece said she liked it. My future hubby and I really liked this. We to were pleasantly surprised that this was so good. Even though I messed this up a bit by forgetting at first to top the mozzarella with This was the first recipe I ever made using tomato soup. I made a few minor changes to the recipe. I used 1 pound ground beef, 3/4 of a green pepper and regular mushroom soup. I cooked my green pepper with my onions and ground beef. Overall this was very good and I'll be adding this to my cookbook. Thanks for posting a really good recipe! Christine (internetnut)
  4. MrsOrtiz
    Pleasantly Surprised - I didn't think this was going to be very good, but I needed something quick and easy to make. I must say I was pleasantly surprised, and this will be a regular in our house. Thanks!
  5. Joyfully Serve
    I made this without the meat and it was fantastic. I used spaghetti noodles and red onion. I also left out the olives. It was very easy to make and my picky family loved it. Thank you!

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