Tableside Guacamole

READY IN: 15mins




  • Gather all the ingredients together on a small table or T.V. tray in front of your guests.
  • Begin by slicing each avocado in half lengthwise with a medium-sized kitchen knife. Hold one avocado half in the palm of your hand with the pit facing up. Strike the avocado pit with the blade of the knife , twist the knife and pry out the pit; discard the pit. Score the flesh of the avocado with the knife into large dice cubes. Repeat with the other avocado halves with the pits, then score the remaining avocado halves in the same way.
  • Using a large spoon, remove the flesh of the avocados from the skins to a large bowl. Discard the skins. Once all the avocado halves have been "peeled", gently mash using a fork and spoon. (Do NOT over-mash -- guacamole should have delicious lumps of avocado in each bite.).
  • Slice the lime in half or quarter it and squeeze the juice over the mashed avocado. (Along with adding flavor, the lime juice helps preserve the color of the avocado.).
  • Add the remaining, prepared ingredients and mix. (If you aren't making the guacamole tableside, but ahead, wait until just prior to serving to add the tomatoes.).
  • Serve with tortilla chips or your favorite vegetables. Dip and Enjoy!