Sumptuous, Super, Fantastic Triple Lemon Roll

Recipe by Bergy
READY IN: 45mins




  • Prepare a Jelly Roll pan by lining it (17x11-inch) with parchment or waxed paper, lightly greased& floured, set aside.
  • Combine nuts, flour & lemon rind.
  • In a large bowl beat egg yolks with 1/2 cup sugar for about 3 minutes or until thickened and pale yellow, gently fold in the nut mixture.
  • With clean beaters beat the egg whites, when foamy add cream of tartar, continue beating until soft peaks form, beat in the remaining sugar until whites are stiff.
  • Stir 1/4 of the egg whites into the yolk mixture.
  • Lightly fold in the rest of the whites.
  • Spread mixture evenly over the prepared pan.
  • Bake in 400°F oven for 10-12 minutes or until the cake springs bake when lightly touched in the middle.
  • Let cool on the pan.
  • Lemon Syrup: Meanwhile bring lemon juice & sugar to a boil until the sugar dissolves, stir in the run, remove from heat & cool.
  • Filling: In a small saucepan simmer lemon rind, juice sugar& butter over medium heat, stirring until the butter melts& sugar has melted.
  • Whisk together the eggs, gradually beat in the hot mixture.
  • Return to saucepan, cook over medium heat, stirring constantly for about 1 minute or until thickened.
  • Strain into a small bowl & immediately place plastic wrap over the bowl& refrigerate for 30 minutes (must be cold).
  • Whip cream& fold into the lemon filling.
  • To assemble: Sprinkle icing sugar over the cake.
  • Loosen edges and invert the cake onto a fresh tea towel, peel off the paper, trim crispy edges (if any).
  • Sprinkle cake with the syrup.
  • Spread the filling over the cake.
  • Starting at the short end roll up the cake.
  • Place cake on a serving platter, dust lightly with sugar (optional) & serve.