Shrimp and Avocado Salsa

"This was posted in the Houston Chronicle. It's similar to a dish served at Goode Co. Seafood restaurant. A refreshing summer treat. You can serve it with tortilla chips as an appetizer, or as a topping for grilled seafood or veggie dishes."
Shrimp and Avocado Salsa created by Chef PotPie
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  • Combine shrimp, avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, jalapeños and lime juice in a bowl and mix gently.
  • Stir in seafood sauce, ketchup and salt.
  • Chill, covered, until serving time.
  • Garnish with a whole jalapeño.
  • Note- if you like it hotter, leave the seeds in the jalapenos.

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  1. Chef PotPie
    This one is a keeper! YUM! I never thought of putting shrimp in a salsa, but I don't know why I never thought of it. I used small salad shrimp, and I cut this recipe in half. It still made a very large bowl! So unless you're entertaining a large crowd, I would stick to a half recipe. I used fresh tomatoes and two large jalapenos out of our garden, but I think we must have mild ones this year, so I added about a teaspoon of cayenne to give it the kick my people like. Next time I will add some fresh garlic. Some people ate so much of this that I was surprised they had room for dinner! Thanks, Nan! SWT 2019-Sue Chefs
    • Review photo by Chef PotPie
  2. Kim19068
    This was so yummy. I know i will be making this many more thimes.
  3. GabyMex
    I loved it!!!! I ussually eat ceviche but this one was very good. We aet them with chip tortillas... thank you
  4. Ginny Sue
    Very good as a topping to baguette slices for an appetizer, which is how I served this. I had only a small group to serve, so I made 1/4th the amount, using 1/2 pound of shrimp and 2 avocados. Because of the avocado, this needs to be eaten the same day it is made.
  5. Susie D
    This is some SPICY stuff, but so good! I loved it and DH begged for mercy as he was gulping iced tea. Your recipe didn't specify so I used a purchased crab boil mix to boil the shrimp. I also used a very spicy cocktail sauce and 2 jalapenos in half of the recipe. I am sure those choices greatly impacted the heat level, but I would use them again. Terrific recipe!!



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