READY IN: 1hr 10mins
YIELD: 10 samosa




  • 1)Mix flour+salt+baking soda+oil altogether properly.
  • 2)Add warm water to this mixture for making a soft dough.
  • 3)Keep dough aside for few hours.
  • 1)half boil potatoes.
  • 2)take them out cut them into small pieces.
  • 3)Pour oil in the kadai.
  • 4)saute cumin seeds,corriander powder,garam masala,mirch powder5)put potato into this and allow it to fry for around 15-20 min6)After cook it properly add coriander leaves to it.
  • Ready to fill.
  • 1)make a small balls from dough and shape them into small puri /circle shapes.
  • 2)Cut each circle in half.
  • 3)Spread the paste lightly all along the edge of one semicircle. Pick this semicircle up with both hands and fold it into a cone shape. Pinch the side of this cone so that it is completely sealed.
  • 4)Fill the cone with 3 tablespoons of filling. Press this filling down with your fingers. Now close the top of this cone into a triangle shape, pinching the top edge so that it is completely sealed.5)Continue filling the rest of the samosas.6)Heat about 1-1/2 inch of the oil in a frying pan on medium heat. To check if oil is hot enough place a small piece of dough in oil and dough should sizzle and come to the surface slowly.7)Place the samosas in the frying pan a few at a time.
  • After samosas are floating on top of the oil turn them slowly. 8)Fry the samosas until the samosas turn a light golden-brown color on all sides.