Rosemary Lemon Twin Roast Chickens for the Grill

Recipe by 3KillerBs
READY IN: 1hr 7mins
YIELD: 2 chickens




  • Early in the day unwrap chickens, remove giblets, and singe any pinfeathers.
  • Place the chickens into a roasting pan (an 11x13 baking pan works well), nested together in opposite directions.
  • Cut the lemons in half. Squeeze the juice all over the chickens, reserving the empty shells as you finish with them.
  • Put half a lemon into each chicken's cavity.
  • Twist each garlic clove a bit to crack it and release the flavor and put one into each chicken cavity. Put the other lemon halves into the cavities.
  • Sprinkle the chickens with the dried rosemary. Refrigerate several hours to let the flavors permeate the meat.
  • Turn on the grill's two end burners leaving the center burner unlit. Set the chicken pan in the center and close the lid.
  • Adjust the flame so that the thermometer on the lid reaches and holds about 325-350.
  • Let chickens cook for about about an hour, checking occasionally. Very carefully use a pair of tongs to lift each chicken and turn it around so that the legs that were toward the center are now towards the outside.
  • Roast another 30-45 minutes or until the chicken is just barely cooked. Timing may vary due to individual grills' characteristics.
  • Let sit for 10-15 minutes before serving so that the juices can settle.
  • This makes very good cold chicken for sandwiches or chicken salad so don't hesitate to make the second chicken.
  • Note: You could do this on a charcoal grill that has a lid but you will need a second grill to provide fresh coals and you will have to manage the coals carefully.
  • While the chicken sits you might like to make Recipe #222171 and Recipe #231477 to complete the meal. :).