Peanut Butter Cookies

"A very simple recipe but they turn out great. Also, it is not a huge recipe. I got this from a church cookbook many years ago."
photo by Soup Fly photo by Soup Fly
photo by Soup Fly
Ready In:
30 approx.




  • Cream in order given.
  • Add sifted dry ingredients.
  • Form into balls and flatten with fork dipped in water.
  • Bake at 350° for 10 minutes.
  • For added interest, sprinkle with a few coloured trimettes.

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  1. Perfect!! The taste and texture are exactly right. They came out soft with that slight crusty edge and bottom only peanut butter cookies can get just right. Not an overpowering amount of PB, but enough to make them delicious. They are very easy to make, mixed up like a dream. I had to let them cook about 12 minutes instead of 10, but that may be because I made them too big. I got 2 dozen cookies. My boyfriend LOVED them. :-)
  2. These were great cookies. Like one reviewer, I only used brown sugar with great results. These cookies are very soft and chewy; the only thing I would prefer is to have more of a peanut butter taste.
  3. I really loved the texture of these, which is lighter than most peanut butter cookies I have tried, and their flavor is excellent. I would recommend chilling the dough for an hour if possible, to make the shaping process easier. It also kept the cookies from spreading quite as much, and made for a more attractive cookie, in my opinion. Thank you for posting this lovely recipe!
  4. The first time I made these, I didn't have any white sugar so I used brown sugar instead, either way the cookies turned out really great. I also mixed milk chocolate chips in with the first batch and it was good, but the second batch I used semi sweet and I think I liked that batch a little better. These are some awesome cookies! Thanks!
  5. Having used up the last of the self-raising flour for Charisma’s Gingerbread, I threw into the mixture what I figured what the next best thing – strong white bread flour. The consistency, after I had beaten it all with the electric mixer, was rather suspicious, resembling that of cake batter rather than cookie dough. However, refusing to be put off by anything, after dampening my hands to stop the mixture from sticking, I went ahead, rolling and flattening; then into the oven they went. And the result, 10 minutes later? 10 large scrumptious biscuits (the yield was quite high even though I had quartered the amount of ingredients). These cookies are certainly unique. Never, anywhere in the UK at least, have I come across any like these. Soft and crumbly when warm, these cookies have hardened to a crisp, melt-in-the-mouth texture. The use of crunchy peanut butter gives it a wonderfully nutty flavour with that not infrequent crunch. Oh I forgot! I used an egg replacer; if this made a difference, the taste does not show it. Not everyone in the house liked them, strangely enough. It was pronounced them bitter and smell was disliked. The latter criticism I find particularly ironic, since throughout the baking, a delicious aroma issued from the oven, which, despite lessening afterwards, continued to draw me to them. But I liked them and I have finished them up. Thanks a million for this gem of a recipe.



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