Oven Baked Whole Chicken and Vegetables

READY IN: 2hrs




  • -cut the onion to very thin slices and lay it flat in the cooking pan.
  • -Cut the chicken open, lay it flat above the onion,.
  • -in a separate bowl mix all the above ingredients, and stir well,.
  • -Add the mixture to the chicken slowly , make sure every part is covered well with the paste.
  • -Wrap the pan with plastic laminate and place it in the fridge over night, but the longer you marinate, the tastier it gets.
  • -You can add vegetables any kind you prefer and put it under the chicken so that it absorbs the taste of the spices during cooking.
  • -Add the water to the tomato paste and stir well, and add it until the vegetables under the chicken are partially covered with it so it doesn't get dry, but don' cover the chicken with water.
  • -After that add a very thin slice of butter to the chicken top.
  • - add some of the sliced tomatoes to the top of the chicken, you can squeeze the tomatoes over the chicken.
  • -Heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • -Put the chicken there for 30 minutes or until it is pink.
  • -Reduce the heat to 180 degrees.
  • Leave it for 60 minutes, or until it does't have any fluids when you press with the fork.