Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream

"This is the recipe my Granny has used for as long as I can remember. My brothers, sister and I would get so excited when Pop-Pop would get the hand-crank ice cream maker out. We knew we were in for the best homemade ice cream ever. No idea where this originates from."
photo by srbinmo photo by srbinmo
photo by srbinmo
Ready In:
1hr 45mins
3 1/2 quarts




  • Add the first 3 ingredients to a saucepan.
  • Over low heat, cook and stir constantly for 25-30 minutes or until the mixture gets thickened and will coat a spoon; cover and chill.
  • Add in half-and-half and the remaining ingredients to the chilled mixture; stir to combine.
  • Pour mixture into the container of an 5-quart electric ice cream maker (or hand-crank freezer for you die-hards).
  • Freeze following the manufacturer's directions.
  • Serve right away or transfer to an airtight container and freeze until firm.

Questions & Replies

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  1. taylissa559
    My grandma used to make a vanilla ice cream that wasnt really creamy. I loved it. Not ice milk just not quite as creamy. Can anyone help??


  1. Cindy B.
    This recipe is wonderful and tastes SO good! There is an eggy smell during the process of making, but once finished and cured there is no smell or taste of egg. Tastes like a fine French vanilla, this will be my go to recipe for my 5 qt machine. Everyone loves it.
  2. TommyGato
    Great results!! Nice home made texture and not overly sweet or fat laden. I made a half recipe and only had half and half. So, I used 1.5 c. milk and 3 c half and half for the same milk to cream ratio in the original recipe. No eggy taste! The mixture thickened very slightly at about 170 F when I removed from heat.... I wanted to find a good home made ice cream that is generous with the vanilla as a base to copy Lappert's vanilla macademia nut from Hawaii. Adding 2/3 c toasted and halved macademia nuts to a half recipe definitely fills my craving!
  3. PinkPanther
    Wonderful! The custard never really thickened, but the ice cream tastes great, not eggy at all.
  4. Jenny Frenny
    I am sad to say that this ice cream didn't work for us. I made the ice cream in my Cuisinart ice cream maker and it looked perfect. But it sure did smell like eggs. My kids, the ice cream lovers, thought it smelled funny. One child ate it, but the other two wouldn't eat more than a bite. I personally thought the same, it tasted good but smelled funny, just too much vanilla as well. I am sorry that we didn't enjoy it.
  5. MathMom.calif
    Excellent ice cream. I will definitely make this again. I made a half-recipe and prepared it in my new ice-cream attachment for my Kitchen Aide mixer. It worked out great. And I turned it into cookies N cream, by adding a generous cup of crushed oreo-style cookies at the end of the freeze-stir step. Yummm. One thing: you have to be very careful when cooking the custard because it will go from just thick enough to coat the spoon to overcooked in the blink of an eye. I was making the custard and left my 10-yr-old daughter to watch it for me for a minute and when I came back to the kitchen it was grainy and lumpy. I had to make a new batch. My fault, of course. This came out super creamy. Just excellent.


  1. kenneth t.
    For peanut butter ice cream use two cups of peanut butter to this recipe. I make a chocolate bark to pour onto my dish of this. Soooo Good
  2. kenneth t.
    I use this recipe for the base of my pineapple orange ice cream. I use three packets of orange jello and two cans of crushed pineapple. I also use fit and active orange tangerine flavoring to add a little more orange flavor to it if you want more orange taste. It takes just a couple squirts.
  3. srbinmo
    Worked like a dream! I added 1.5 cups of homemade apple butter! Soooooogood!
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