Nuwave Oven - Egg White Pita Breakfast

READY IN: 15mins




  • 1 pita pocket (split in half) If frozen cook for 5 minutes on hi first and then split (to defrost makes it easier).
  • To the eggs I added - a dash of minced onions, (reconstituted works well), a small dash of granulated garlic, a dash of pepper, paprika and hot pepper flakes.
  • cook egg whites (I cooked per my nuwave directions seperately and a bit less time than normal (prior to being done).
  • Topping the pita: Split in half if you have not already done so - add 2-3 tablespoons on hummus to each of the pita bread - spread hummus on the inside part of the pita and then add: string cheese and wait for eggs to be done. Once egg is mostly done 3/4 of the way done add to top of pita, top with Canadian bacon and top with pepper jack cheese. Cook for 3-4 mintues on hi. You can add a bit longer but I used 4 minutes so my eggs would not get hard. When you cook it with the canadian bacon the eggs will still cook a bit. But you are really heating up the muffin.
  • This might not be completely low fat but it hit the spot this morning!