Noodles Romanoff

Recipe by GourmetPappa
READY IN: 30mins




  • Fill a large pasta pot half way with water, add 1tsp salt and bring to a boil.
  • Combine water, cream cheese, pepper, garlic, and dried basil into a medium saucier over medium heat. If using fresh Basil set half of it to the side for later use. Grate Romano cheese and add half to saucier then stir to simmer. Melt butter in separate container and hold for noodles.
  • Once the pasta pot starts to boil, pour in dried pasta and set timer for 8-15min (depending on pasta instructions.) Cook pasta till al dente.
  • Once sauce is well combined and starts to simmer, lower heat to prevent burning. Feel free to add additional seasoning to taste. Be careful as this dish is rich and the chef tends to get used to the strong aromas! From my own experience, you may have better luck if someone from outside the kitchen tastes your concoction so as not to overdue something --.
  • When timer goes off, check pasta for doneness; strain and return pasta to empty pot. Fold in melted butter till noodles are well coated and somewhat free from sticking to each other. Fold in parsley (or fresh basil if available) along with remaining cheese then plate.
  • Finish by ladling sauce on over pasta to guest�s preference.
  • If cooking for one or two, makes awesome left-overs and can be reheated on stove or microwave with excellent results.