My Sausage Breakfast Burritos

"Sausage,Salsa & so easy. I've been making these burros for my kids and grandkids for many years. Quick, easy and oh yum... When picking your flour tortillas, pick the most flexable ones availble. Here in Arizona that's easy, but in the midwest that can be difficult. The trick is heating the tortillas in a hot skillet prior to rolling into the burro. We like Herdez Salsa which is available is most grocery stores, or use your favorite chunky salsa."
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  • Cook sausage in a medium hot skillet until no longer pink, add salsa and cook until most of the liquid is gone. (Not completely dry),.
  • In another skillet scrample eggs lightly, before completely done, add to sausage/salsa mixture, set aside.
  • Heat flour tortillas in a large skillet over high heat, turning twice, heating till tortilla is nice and soft. (If you overheat and tortilla is dry and hard; discard, you only want to use warm and flexable tortillas)).
  • Place warm, flexable tortilla on serving plate, add 1/4 portion of egg/sausge mix on tortilla, top with 1/8 cup cheddar cheese, then roll burro style.
  • If you like more spice, serve with more salsa, as well as sour cream and cilantro.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Poisonesse
    Um... what do you do with the last 1/4 portion of egg/sausage mixture? Or the other 1/8 C of cheese? Seems this recipe was originally for 4 servings? Confused here.


  1. BuddyScotty
    What does this have to do with Kansas?
  2. Shmuel F.
  3. lazyme
    Great breakfast burritos. So simple and so tasty. I nuked my tortillas for about 10 seconds each and then filled them up with the egg mixture and used Mexican 4-cheese blend. Thanks BakinBaby for a nice brunch. Made for I Recommend Tag.
  4. Starrynews
    These are great! Simple and delicious. I used a Mexican-style 4 cheese blend and omitted the salt. Thanks for sharing!
  5. seesko
    This is a very easy and yummy breakfast that can be made to you own tastes. I made mine with turkey sausage and egg beaters on a whole wheat tortilla. I skipped the salsa just out of personal tastes. Thanks Bakinbaby. Made for 123 hit wonders.



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