44 Breakfast Burrito Ideas to Shake Up Your Morning Routine

Breakfast burritos have become a favorite on-the-go breakfast idea ever since someone thought of wrapping eggs in a flour tortilla. Since then, cooks have been adding their own personal touches to the breakfast burrito, and now there are just as many kinds of breakfast burritos as there are other kinds of breakfast foods. Need proof? Check out some of our users' most popular breakfast burrito ideas, from traditional hearty favorites to some unexpected combinations.

Grilled Breakfast Burrito

“Loved these! I made a big batch and froze them for later in the week! Can't wait to eat them later on!”

-Jonathan Melendez

Weight Watchers Egg & Avocado Wraps

"This was delicious!"


Chorizo & Egg Burritos

“We love wraps and this was a nice variation and a great twist on a breakfast meal or, in our case, a quick put-together supper.”

-karen in tbay

Weight Watchers Breakfast Burrito

"Wonderful! Served these to go, so no salsa or sour cream, but they were yummy on the way to work this morning!”


McDonald's Breakfast Burritos

"I've always loved McDonald's breakfast burritos and was pleasantly surprised to find these really do taste very similar.”


Crunchy Peanut Butter Wraps

"Wow! What a wonderful combination of flavors. I made this for one serving and since we don't normally buy granola type cereal, I made my own using oats, cinnamon and almonds.”


Once a Month Breakfast Burritos

"These are a great on-the-run breakfast. Take out of the freezer in the A.M. and by the time I'm at work they are thawed and ready for the microwave. Being diabetic, these have been a life-saver on hectic mornings!"


Breakfast Burritos for the Freezer

“This should be renamed ‘perfect hangover breakfast,’ which is the whole reason I tried it to begin with.”


Breakfast Burritos

"Delicious! Made a bunch and froze for quick microwaved breakfasts.”


Strawberry Burritos

“These are amazing and so easy. I can fully understand how these could become habit forming.”


Top Ramen Breakfast Burritos

“This is so good! The ramen takes on the flavor of the eggs. Also worked with corn tortillas.”


A Fun & Frolic Kind of Avocado, Bacon & Tomato Wrap Yippee!

“The avocado makes this wrap. And so easy to put together.”


Turkey Breakfast Burritos

"Really good! Added some sage, green onion and cilantro."


Healthy Italian Breakfast Wraps

"Another wonderful healthy recipe. Very quick and easy to prepare and so filling. If you don't like Italian seasoning this would be good with other spices.”

-Miss Annie in Indy

Florentine Breakfast Wraps

“A delicious, healthy and filling way to start the day! Great combination of flavors and I especially enjoyed the addition of Greek yoghurt and jalapeño."

-Peter J

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burrito

"Great vegetarian meal! I love the sweet potato and black bean combo — it's balanced and hearty without being too heavy.”


Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Burritos

“I absolutely loved this recipe! No need to change a thing!”

-I luv food

My Sausage Breakfast Burritos

“These are great! Simple and delicious. I used a Mexican-style four cheese blend and omitted the salt.”


Sausage & Mushroom Breakfast Burritos

“It's great. I made them for some friends this morning; they loved them.”


Light Breakfast Burrito

“A nice healthy egg burrito that makes a quick and easy start to the day! I made one minor change in that I used a little fresh jalapeño instead of canned.”


Artichoke Breakfast Burritos

"This made for a great breakfast. I cooked the egg separately and thought the amount was perfect. I used low fat sausage, whole wheat tortillas, and skipped the cheese.”


Cheesy Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Burritos

"You can substitute 'Soy-Rizo' for the chorizo. It's vegetarian and much lower in fat and calories than chorizo, and it gives the burritos that wonderful flavor!”


Papa D’s Breakfast Burrito

"Tasty and filling breakfast! I used turkey sausage and green pepper in place of the onions.”


Angel's Easy Breakfast Burritos

"This is wonderful. I had this for breakfast this morning and we loved it. I think you could cut the sausage in half because, even making half the recipe, I had a lot of sausage left over.”


Tortilla Omelet Wrap

"Very nice recipe! I sautéed the ham, onions and peppers before adding the eggs.”

-Susie D

Breakfast Burrito with Refried Beans

"Healthy breakfast burrito with lots of protein and veggies.”

-Hannah V.

Bacon Breakfast Burritos

"Can't go wrong with this recipe for making quick hearty breakfasts on the go! I made mine for eating right away so didn't need to thaw/heat.”


Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos

"I made these and put them in the freezer for my daughter and her spouse. They loved them! After defrosting them in the microwave, they popped them into the toaster oven and lightly toasted them giving them a nice crunch.”


Jian Bing-Inspired Breakfast Burrito

"Great recipe for a quick Beijing-style breakfast or any meal. Added some sweet bean sauce (tian mian jiang — literally translates to sweet flower paste) for an authentic taste. Delicious!"


Toasted Fruity Breakfast Wraps

"These were wonderful. The honey gave it just the punch it needed. My spouse really liked them. I think they would be great with berries, also."


Nif's Avocado & Egg Breakfast Wrap

“Well, the healthy part is fine, but I dolled it up with some salsa and shredded cheese. Still pretty healthy — and delicious!”


Banana Burrito

"I made this on a whole wheat carb balance tortilla and used all-natural peanut butter with half of a banana (sliced) and several fresh strawberries (sliced). It was delicious!”

-broke student

A1 Steak & Egg Veggie Breakfast Wrap

“This is a great idea and makes for one delicious breakfast!”


Breakfast Chimichanga Made Your Way

"I burned them and they still tasted good. I didn't have onion so I just used some minced garlic — I think I would have liked the garlic better anyway."

-Laura P.

Chorizo & Black Bean Breakfast Burritos

"What a great make-ahead breakfast! So delicious even after heating up in the microwave — and that's hard to find. If you want to be a tad healthier you might consider swapping the chorizo for vegetarian chorizo.”


Mom's Breakfast Burrito

"What a simple and delicious way to start the day — not that I would limit this to just breakfasts! I loved the combination of taste and texture in this — this could become a habit!”


Knife-&-Fork Breakfast Burrito

"Loved this dish! Made it for dinner and served with a twice baked potato. We added Mexican chorizo and onions.”


Buneo Breakfast Burrito

“Very satisfying and keeps you going all morning! This is something I've been making frequently for years, with liquid egg whites and low-fat cheese — it's easy and fast, and the bacon bits add lots of flavor.”


Breakfast Burrito With Green Beans

"Made just half of the recipe for the two of us, using some leftover steamed green beans and baked potato! Added nicely to our breakfast, though another time I might use just one whole egg and two or three egg whites!”

-Sydney Mike

Peanut Butter & Granola Breakfast Wraps

"What an easy and interesting breakfast recipe. I modified it some: used flour tortillas and just one teaspoon of honey. My kids loved this and it was easy to make and something different!”

-Dine Dish

Greek-Inspired Scrambled Egg Wraps

"No Greek seasoning at my supermarket, so used one teaspoon oregano, 1/2 teaspoon basil, 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Also added about 1/4 cup fresh parsley. Amazing flavor!”

-Mister Bland

Asparagus & Avocado Wraps

"Super light and fresh! I loved this, but I'm thinking I would love it more with maybe some cayenne and a little chili powder mixed in with the rice mixture and then adding some grated carrot and minced red bell pepper for added color and a little more flavor.”

-Lucky in Bayview

Egg & Lettuce Wrap

"This was a very nice wrap. I used a tomato basil wrap and followed the recipe per instructions. The only change I made was my mayo was past the expiration date, so I just made it without it and it came out just fine — loved the avocado and sprouts."