My Mom's Potato Salad

"This how my mom makes potato salad and whenever we go somewhere and have to take a dish I am asked to bring this. Thought I would pass it on."
My Mom's Potato Salad created by Parsley
Ready In:
1hr 5mins
1 cup




  • Boil potatoes and cut into cubes, cool.
  • Cut the vegetables and eggs up to whatever size you prefer.
  • Combine veggies with potatoes and toss.
  • Add mayo, mustard, horseradish, salt and pepper to taste. Stir.
  • Better after it has time to "sit".

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  1. Piper Lee
    This is sooo good! I made this for my grandmother's funeral because my mom was making the "family recipe" and I didn't realize it and made a potato salad, too. So, I just quickly modified our recipe to yours and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing! Oh, and my version had celery in it because I'd already made it all up except for the dressing, cucumbers and green pepper, so it was just like yours, but with celery. Still totally yummy. :)
  2. thefrenchbroad
    A wower. I skipped one pepper and the eggs and cukes, used Dijon and added a lovely sprinkling of edible flowers to the top. Best ever. Yes -- it's the horseradish touch that adds that special zip and I don't like horseradish. No one could tell it was an ingredient.
  3. Lyssie71
    This potato salad was fantastic!! I love the addition of the horseradish and cucumber! I made as directed except I omitted the bell peppers (food allergy). The dijon mustard and horseradish weren't overpowering, but just sang backup. This is now my new potato salad. Thank you Cathi Allen! Edit: I have made this several times since my review. I have never used dijonnaise mustard - only Dijon or Spicy Brown. I have cut the mayo by 1/2 cup as the recipe measurement is simply too much. I sometimes add a touch more horseradish because that suits our tastes. Still my favorite potato salad by far! Thanks!
  4. gatormami
    i love crunch, and tangy flavors, so when i saw this recipe included cukes i was thrilled. the crunch factor is great. i will use less of the regular mustard next time. it was a little too tangy for my taste. i really liked the combination of ingredients this recipe used. i only used one cucumber, one green pepper, and half of a spanish onion.
  5. lizwagn
    I made it without the red onions, but it turned out great! Will definitely use again.



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