Molukhia - Jews Mallow Soup

"This is a very common dish through out the middle east known as molukhia in Arabic, but its technical term is jews mallow. Egyptians are famed for their molukhia. Its picked during harvest time and either dried or frozen, so that it may be enjoyed through out the year. Because this is typically grown in the middle east,although there are a few farms that do grow this in the U.S., its readily available in most middle eastern stores either in frozen or dry form. My recipe is based on my frozen version. Recipes will vary throught the middle east, depending on region. Molukhia is made a couple of ways, but this is the more common. Molukhia is traditionally enjoyed with a side of rice and a lemon wedge.Try Egyptian Condiment (Daqua) #107277, to kick it up a notch."
photo by chef FIFI photo by chef FIFI
photo by chef FIFI
photo by chef FIFI photo by chef FIFI
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  • Season chicken and boil chicken and onions(onions will give it flavor and help tame any gamey flavor the chicken may have) in water, until done, make sure you skim the scum off the top of the water as chicken boils.
  • Make sure you have the above chicken broth, if your running low after chicken has boiled add a bit of water.
  • Open and add the frozen mlokhia to the boiling broth.
  • Add maggi cubes.
  • Add allspice.
  • Let boil until molukhia has defrosted into the broth, then let cook additional 5 minutes.
  • Smash garlic up with a mortar and pestle, until its almost like a paste, you may add a bit of salt in the mortar and pestle to help smash.
  • In a small saucepan, add oil and let oil get hot, place garlic in oil and keep an eye on it stirring frequently.
  • Once garlic has reached a deep golden brown, but definitely NOT BURNT.
  • Pour oil and garlic into the molukhia.
  • Stir let set, serve next to bowl of rice.
  • Taking a spoonful at a time, place of rice and eat together.
  • If desired squeeze lemon over the bowl of mlokhia before eating to add an extra kick.

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  1. Camel_Cracker
    Shukran! This was very tasty! I've been eating molokhia for a couple of years but was always too afraid to make it. It was so easy with the frozen leaves! I ate it with generous amounts of lemon juice and at DH's suggestion fresh jalapenos. Thanks again!
  2. dstev496
    i loved this recipe. I made it for the first time i've ever had molukhia, and I was so happy I did! I omitted the diced onions, just because I couldn't find what to do with them in the directions..and i would've rather not messed it up by putting them in the wrong way! Definetly a hit for my family! Thanks!
  3. Sam G.
    Chopped jews mallow is a very offensive term to describe this product, I wish it would be taken off the market or at least change the descriptive name.
  4. fmcrichton.earl
    where can I buy Jews Mallow leaves?
  5. Torki N.
    My mother made Jew's Mollow it's very delicious and i thinks it's very helpful to body , Thanks for this post Chef FIFI



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