Chicken Tortilla Soup II

"I'm getting tired of seeing the so-called tortilla soup recipes running around that are nothing but a glorified chicken soup with tortillas added. Here's the real McCoy. Similar to the recipe at Houston's restaurant (modified, of course, to suit my tastes) For a beef version check out my recipe #261711."
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Ready In:
1hr 10mins




  • Saute carrots, onions, celery in corn oil, garlic, salt and pepper until tender.
  • Add chicken broth and bring to boil.
  • Add tomatoes, Rotel, taco seasoning, and chicken.
  • Cut Tortillas into small pieces and add to broth mixture.
  • Let boil for 45 minutes or until tortillas are thoroughly incorporated into soup stirring occasionally to keep from sticking.
  • Reduce heat and add 8 oz. cheese. Simmer for additional 10 minutes.
  • Add milk and simmer for additional 10 minutes.
  • If thicker soup is desired, add more diced tortillas and let incorporate into soup.
  • Garnish with shredded cheese and broken tortilla chips.
  • Substitutions: 1 cup Masa Harina (Masa Flour) for 1 10 ct. package of corn tortillas.
  • Mix masa with 1 cup cold water, then add masa flour mix into soup. If thicker soup is desired, add more masa/water mix.
  • If you don't want to use the seasoning packet, substitute 1/2 teaspoons cumin + 1 tsp, chili powder.
  • You can also use grilled chicken fajita meat for poached diced chicken.
  • NOTE: If you use FLOUR tortillas, as some people have, you WILL end up with a "TORTILLA MESS", this recipe is for CORN tortillas. Don't go blaming me and giving me a bad review because you used the wrong stuff.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Anonymous
    How can I get a printable version of the recipe?
  2. Kenneth W.
    Can I use corn flour in place of corn tortillas If so how much flour would it take approximately?
  3. theresa.pochatko
    Does this freeze well?
  4. trevnmart
    Wondering how long in slow cooker, with cooked chicken.
  5. martinime
    Never mind... I just saw it! haha!! 1 cup to 10 tortillas


  1. Bonnie Thompson
    The soup was easy to make and delicious. I agree with the chef, that it isn't just glorified chicken broth! The recipe says it makes 4 servings, but I'd say it was closer to 6, the servings were ample. The measurements for ounces I adapted as follows: 3/4 C diced carrots, 3/4 C diced celery and 2 medium size onions, chopped. The ingredients didn't list the corn tortillas, just the chips. I added about 10 diced corn tortillas to boil into the soup and the consistency turned out great.
  2. Karen Klempel
    My favorite Tortilla Soup is from the Red Robin in Del Mar, Calif. This is almost identical. Very easy. I would start with 8 tortillas and go up from there - 10 was a little thicker then I like. You can always add more.
  3. Kindra Hossack
    I made this soup and it was wonderful. I changed the amounts a little though as follows: carrots, celery, oonions I used 1 cup each I used only 1/2 can rotel tomatoes & chiles 1 1/2 cans diced tomatoes with carmalized garlic 2 pkgs 1oz taco seasoning and instead of Milk I used 10 oz half and half. Wow what a punch!! This was absolutely delicious
  4. Trese
    I have been looking for a great tortilla soup receipe for two years. I have finally found it!! I made the soup as directed except after adding the tortillas and BEFORE adding cheese and milk/cream, I poured everything in a crock pot and let simmer all day. After work I just added the cheese and heavy cream and dinner was served. Thanks for such a terrific meal!!!!!
    This IS quite delicious and not difficult to make. Thanks to Bonnie Thompson for the measurements (vs. ounces). The best tortilla soup I've ever had was at Pancho's in Cabo San Lucas. I copied their style by adding a dollop of sour cream (non-fat is OK)and a couple of slices of avocado to the top of this soup, and garnished with chopped fresh cilantro. Ummm, good!!


  1. deb l.
    I think next time I will reduce the amount of taco seasoning. Second time making it and it tastes a bit over seasoned for me. But still delicious!!
  2. susanray135
    I have never reviewed a recipe, so that says something right there. This soup is AMAZING!! I used the exact ingredients, however I adjusted spices to suit our taste. Used cumin, chili powder and taco seasoning as we love spice. (I did add some cayenne pepper) I added raw chicken tenders in with the broth, tomatoes etc. and simmered 45 minutes. I removed the chicken, and used an immersion blender to purée. The 10 corn tortillas made it the perfect consistency for us. I then chopped up chicken & added it back to soup. We just had it for lunch, and my husband is still raving!
  3. Joyd9060
    Here, because you need 302 positive reviews, LOL. It was GREAT! Loved by kids and adults. Also, instead of Rotel (which I was out of) I used a can of diced tomatoes and a can of green chilies. I also added the optional can of diced tomatoes. 2 thumbs up!
  4. Autumneyes
    confused, help????
  5. kllywlmt
    This soup is so easy and delicious! I love that it is adaptable; I have added and removed different ingredients each time I've made it and it always turns out awesome. Actually my favorite one was when I didn't have chicken so I threw in a can of black beans and some avocado instead. The tortillas make it nice and thick and the taco seasoning gives it a great flavor. I like to serve it with cornbread for a nice hearty meal.



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