Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Doughnut Holes (Ohhh so Easy)

"These doughnuts are so so good. For a fast breakfeast this is definitly the way to go. My mom use to make these for me growing up and when you can't get the real Krispy Kreme these are second best. It's important to let the doughnut drain on a paper towel. You really have to move fast and it's fun to let the kids help ya.. Go ahead and make the glaze and have it ready before frying.. Stretch out all the doughnuts before you begin they will shrink but right before you fry the doughnut stretch it back out.. I always set up a little assembly line so to speak.. I have all the doughnuts stretched out on a plate to the left of the stove then I have the pan w/ hot oil. To the right I have the plate that is covered w/ paper towels, next to that I have the bowl of glaze and then I have the dish that will hold the doughnuts... You have to move fast w/ this recipe because you have to dip the dougnuts in the glaze while their hot...."
photo by cmitch586 photo by cmitch586
photo by cmitch586
photo by Lil Miss Nikki photo by Lil Miss Nikki
Ready In:


  • 1 (7 1/2 ounce) can biscuits
  • glaze
  • 13 cup melted butter
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 12 teaspoons vanilla
  • 4 -6 tablespoons hot water, you want a creamy glaze (until desired consistancy)


  • Take the top off of a bottled coke and push it through the biscuit making a hole.
  • Stretch the biscuit out as big as can without tearing.
  • Mix the glaze together until it's really creamy.
  • Fry the biscuit in hot oil (med-high heat) until golden brown and flip it over w/ a fork and fry the other side.
  • Remove the doughnut and place it on a plate covered w/ a paper towel.
  • Then while it's still hot dip the doughnut in the creamy glaze.
  • The holes that you have roll them gently forming a ball and fry and dip them in the glaze.

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  1. ssnb66
    Thank You so much for this recipe. Made some yesterday and we both loved them. Made the donuts with Grands biscuits. The icing is so good. My husband said he liked them better than Krispy Kreme. Wish I could double the stars.<br/> ssnb66
  2. vfdehner
    Thank you for this awesome recipe! Just made this for my staff and were literally gone in minutes!
  3. QueenJellyBean
    These do not taste like a Krispy Kreme doughnut but they are super easy and very good..the glaze is great.. Thanks for the recipe this will be handy on weekends when we are busy but want some quick glazed doughnuts!
  4. j_carpenter
    Amazingly Easy! Amazingly Light and DELICIOUS!! These were AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!!!!
  5. Loren M Z
    You little SNEAK! These are gr8! Awesome idea. As was mentioned before, not QUITE K-K but are close enough for me. ( A LOT cheaper than K-K too!) Keep those wonderful ideas like this coming !


  1. cmitch586
    These were delish! However as a reviewer stated before you may want to sample frying a few of the donut balls first because these will burn easily!! I fried mine on simmer and they cooked plenty fast! I flipped them a few times to fry evenly over. I also used 1 cup granulated sugar instead of powdered because thats what i had and the glaze was still oh so yummy! Just make sure the butter is hot to melt the granulated sugar down.


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