Kale Chips (Raw Food - Dehydrated)

"When I was growing up, veggies were boiled beyond recognition and then buttered into submission; and for a long while that is all I knew. Last year, DH a/k/a "Mr. Wonderful" and I started incorporating more Raw Food into our diets and were pleased with the renewed vitality and strength. Somewhere along in the research for this change in lifestyle, I saw a mention of Kale Chips and their health benefits (vitamins A, C and K; carotenoids that protect eyes from UV rays and cataracts and tons of fiber for happy, healthy innards.) Great! Now, if they're tasty, we've got a deal. I'm here to tell you, we have a great deal!! These tasty little darlings are addictive. DH thinks they are great "football" food!"
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  • Set walnuts on to soak. They foam a bit, so go ahead and rinse them too.
  • While the walnuts are soaking, wash and trim kale, removing the woody spines and chopping into fairly large pieces (about half the size of your palm). It is OK to "cheat" and purchase the washed, chopped kale. It just speeds the project along. ;D.
  • Load first 7 ingredients (walnuts through pepper) into blender and pulverized into a smooth paste.
  • In a large bowl, combine the kale and walnut mixture, massaging the walnut paste into the little curls of the kale.
  • Line up the chips on the screen of your dehydrator. Sprinkle with sea salt.
  • Dehydrate at 110-115 degrees F for about 5-6 hours. Sampling for doneness allowed, just leave some for the rest of the family!

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  1. These are a great, healthy snack! I used walnuts, and I modified the recipe to make 3 bunches of kale. We loved them but they got soggy pretty fast - not sure if I didn't store them properly or if they just need to be eaten within the first couple of days after making. It was quite a bit of work but I always feel that washing and tearing up kale is pretty time-intensive!
  2. Love them! My kids and I crave them. My husband can't stand the smell of nutritional yeast, but we loooove the taste anyways! thank you


I'm happy when I don't rub people the wrong way -- I'm a licensed massage therapist! Twenty years ago, at a cross-road in my life, I had a good sit-down talk with me and decided that my two passions in life were people, and helping them feel better ... and cooking. Just five days after that, a tiny ad in the local paper announced that Massage School started on Monday; so on that Monday in Sept. 1990 a new chapter started in my life. It was like learning a foreign language. Do you know where your olecranon process is? I met Mr. Wonderful in February of 1992 and we married 82 days later. (Who? Me impulsive??) He's still my Mr. Wonderful. In regards to cooking, he's my strongest supporter ... and toughest critic. When we first met, it was Mr. Meat and Potatoes meets Little Miss Vegetarian. In an effort to learn how to live together, we developed this plan: Thursdays became experimental food day. I would cook something that neither one of us had ever had before (so there would be no emotional attachment for either of us) and we would critique it. The deal was that if either of us found that meal gag-worthy, we would eat at McDonald's. I am happy to report, we have not darkened their door yet! Out of those experiments came our most favorite recipes. Ours is a blended family and between us we have three sons: an architect in CA, a computer programmer in FL and an Emergency Room MD in TX. We are blessed with three lovely daughters-in-law [the architect just married an interior decorator! A blessing on their heads, Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov!!] and three very hug-able grandchildren (18 y/o boy, 13 y/o girl and 11 y/o girl.) We are both very active in our congregation. If you like, check us out at http://www.kolhamashiach.org. We teach as well as other avenues of ministry (think: sanitation and maintenance!) ... Fun around here includes ministering ;) at the local department stores; cooking; and discussing Torah. It's not unusual to find half a dozen people around our dining room table in a good natured but animated discussion! Of course there's food ... for body and soul! 8726471"
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