Kachman's Sour Cabbage Rolls

"This is a traditional Ukrainian recipe passed down generations in our family. It is one of my favorite recipes and is quite easy to assemble. There is nothing like it on this site. It is free of all things considered sweet and none of the fussy tomatoes that are sometimes called for in cabbage rolls. Here is our version. Cut down on prep time by making extra rice with supper the night before!"
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  • In a small pot heat oil.
  • Add bacon and onion.
  • Cook, stirring over med heat until onions are opaque and bacon is soft.
  • Add dill and salt.
  • Remove from heat and add to cooked rice.
  • Let cool, this is the filling.
  • Remove and separate cabbage leaves from head.
  • Cut out hard core. (each leaf can be made into 3-4 pieces depending on the size of the leaf -- this comes with practice).
  • Grease casserole dish.
  • Place 1 Tbsp of filling on widest end of leaf.
  • Fold sides in and roll up. Filling should not be hanging out.
  • Place in casserole dish creating layers.
  • Combine water and oil and pour over cabbage rolls.
  • Cover with lid or tinfoil.
  • Bake in a 325°F oven 2 - 21/2 hours.
  • You'll have to keep an eye on them to check that they don't dry out or turn brown. If they are turning color add more liquid. And bake till tender.
  • Freezes well before cooking.
  • *I like to place a couple of pieces of raw bacon on the top of the cabbage rolls before cooking. Also I have made 1/2 a head of cabbage into rolls and froze the other 1/2 of head whole, with no problems*.

Questions & Replies

  1. Hi, I froze my cabbage and now I would like to make my cabbage rolls. My question is can I refreeze the Cabbage again once my rolls are done or shall I cook them first before freezing again, Thanks
  2. Sorry, I should have posted here! How do I use sour cabbage? Can I buy it as a full head or do I buy it in a jar? Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.


  1. I've made this recipe for couple years now. Everyone loves them. Sour cabbage heads are in the produce usually near cabbage. Or in the open cooler area.
  2. I’ve never used sour cabbage before. Is it available as a head of cabbage in a grocery store, or do I buy them in a jar? I want to make these for my brother’s Romanian girlfriend. Thank you in advance.
  3. Seeing as every-thing is cooked,it doesn't need ALL that 2 1/2 hrs..1-hrs is appal-time..
  4. The flavour here is second to none! My Ukrainian husband says these are just like his Baba's. I fry the bacon first and remove most of the fat, leaving just enough to sauté the onions. I imagine during winter on the prairies before houses had electricity or central heating, the extra fat was needed to stay warm. But we don't need it and the taste is still amazing. I use the lazy method to put it together - a layer of chopped cabbage, then a layer of the rice mixture topped with another layer of cabbage. This recipe fills two medium size casserole dishes. I brush some of the bacon fat on the tin foil that covers the dishes. This is a much requested favourite at pot luck dinners.
  5. These were wonderful. We had sour cabbage rolls at a friend's place this summer. It was my first time trying them and fell in love. I am so thankful I found this recipe to make my own. They were yummy and very easy.


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