Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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  • Cover cabbage leaves with boiling water.
  • Let stand until leaves are limp.
  • Drain.
  • Mix beef, rice, 1/2 CUP tomato sauce, garlic salt, pepper, onions and green pepper.
  • Put 1/3 cup in each leaf; roll, tucking in the sides.
  • Place, seam side down in baking dish.
  • Mix remaining tomato sauce with the sugar, pour over rolls.
  • Cover and bake at 350* for 45 minutes.
  • Remove from pan, pour juice in saucepan.
  • Mix cornstarch and water; stir into saucepan.
  • Cook and stir until mixture boils; cook 1 minute.
  • Serve with cabbage rolls.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Sucker.4.Sweets
    Ok so dont cook the beef but cook the rice, now this is my first attempt ever at cabbage rolls so I'm wondering, can you prepare this a earlier in the day or morning and keep it in the fridge until your ready to pop it in the oven? Also any other tips for someone making it for the first time is appreciated asap :)
  2. Chris C.
    Di cook the meat first
  3. Melissa C.
    K I don't have any cornstarch is that okay? And is there anything I can substitute for the rice?
  4. briandavis989
    Do I cook the hamburger first
  5. dennisanddiane
    sorry dont understand nbr 9 in directions it says to remove from pan, what pan and what do we remove


  1. kitina
    Wow, I love cabbage rolls but avoid making them because of the long involved process!!! They were very simple to make and so very tasty! I did use my own homemade tomato sauce and added some garlic. Thanks Inez!
  2. misfit
    Very quick and tasty. I wouldn't change a thing. I served these with bert's "new potatoes roasted with garlic and olive oil", and asparagus.
  3. Mini Ravindran
    Hey Dear..the recipe was great though I could use only part of it because I cannot take sugar at all and have to limit salt intake as well. I made the cabbage rolls using mixed veg. leftovers instead of beef and baked them spraying olive oil. It was healthy and still very tasty. Hope you will not mind the twist !
  4. Lisa Hainline
    I used this recipe for a potluck dish and it was well received and absolutely delicious. I only changed the meat used...I mix ground lamb and beef and it's fantastic. I also used a red pepper due to my own preference for its taste.
  5. GinnyP
    MizzNezz, I also avoid making cabbage rolls even though I adore them, because they are time consuming. Great recipe! The only thing I did differently, was use (recipe#52630) AngelicFantasia's Spaghetti Sauce and omitted the sugar for that reason. My husband who never cared for cabbage rolls, is now a convert. hehe I'm lovin' it. Thanks!


  1. Duane B.
    To make it easier to remove cabbage leaves without tearing them just drop the entire head into a big pot of hot water. (Put the cabbage into your pot and cover the cabbage with water, that way there are no surprises later on.) First, use a knife with a long, thin blade to cut around the stem of the lettuce. Don't worry about being neat- this is the part no one eats anyway. Twist the stem and remove it. The should be a roughly conical hole in the bottom of the head. Heat the water to anywhere between steaming and a full boil. Turn off the heat and ease the cabbage into the pot. Hold it under water with a spoon or something. After a few minutes remove the cabbage and put it on your working surface. Starting with the end of the rib end of the leaves they should pretty much come off the head with the flick of a finger. When the leaves stop being easy to remove then put the head back into the hot water to soften up the next few layers. When you reach the point where the rib ends are stuck together use your knife to enlarge the "cone" so that each leaf is independent. If you use the leave before they turn transparent (cook) in the hot water then be prepared to cook a little longer in the oven.
  2. Carol Marie L.
    We make this in the oven by layering the cabbage and meat mixture similar to lasagna. We used marinara sauce, fresh garlic (not garlic salt), brown rice/wild rice mix. We also have used turkey instead of beef. Layer cabbage, the meat/rice mixture, marinara sauce, cabbage meat/rice mixture and marinara sauce. Can top with Parmesan or Parmesan/Romano cheese, if you like.
  3. schroderterri
    This recipe is very close to one that I have been making for over 40 years. My southern mother in law showed me this recipe and everyone that tastes it says it's the best they have ever eaten. The biggest difference between this one and mine is that I use V8 juice and tomato paste in place of the tomato soup. The V8 adds so much more flavor to an otherwise too tomato-ey taste and texture. Try it with the V8, you'll be glad you did. I pour the juice and sauce over the rolls in a very large pan, cover it and bake at 350 for 3 hours. Check to make sure there is still enough liquid in the pan.
  4. Gothamunchis
    Just made these and they were delicious. I made a couple of changes though, I used brown sugar instead of white and I used stewed tomatoes in the mixture instead of plain tomato sauce and used one can of tomato sauce w/ sugar to top off. Thank you for a great recipe. I have been looking for recipes that are easy on my budget and for a $1.19 for the cabbage, how can you go wrong.
  5. denawalker22
    This is a keeper! Its very hard to please my family when it comes to trying new recipes. But all of us LOVED this dish! It didnt look like something I would like, but with the first taste, I knew I would be making it again in the future! Instead of regular cooked rice, I used a pkg of Lipton brocoli and cheese w/rice. I also added a swish of ketchup in the hamburg mix. But other than that I followed directions. I also used Candice's tip on putting the head of cabbage in boiling water for a little bit. The cabbage leaves came off with NO problems! Very usefull tip!!!!! Thanx for sharing!


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