Jamie Oliver's Yorkshire Puddings

"This is from Jamie's Ministry Of Food cookbook. Great served with roast beef & gravy! Cooking time does not include 30 minutes of resting time."
photo by Ashley Cuoco photo by Ashley Cuoco
photo by Ashley Cuoco
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photo by Ashley Cuoco photo by Ashley Cuoco
photo by Ashley Cuoco photo by Ashley Cuoco
Ready In:
12 puddings




  • Whisk the eggs, flour, salt, and milk together really well in a bowl to make your batter. Pour the batter into a jug, and let it sit for 30 minutes before you use it.
  • Turn your oven up to the highest setting, and place a 12 cup muffin tray in the oven to heat up for 5 minutes.
  • Place 1 tb of oil in each muffin hole, and put the tray back into the oven and heat until oil is very hot.
  • Open oven door, slide the tray half out, and carefully pour the batter into the muffin holes.
  • Close the door and cook for 15 minutes without opening the oven door.
  • Serve immediately.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can you make these tiny for cocktail eats and freeze for use later?
  2. It doesn't say what temperature to cook in??
  3. Can this batter be made the day before?
  4. I seem to have two different recipes for JO yorkshire pudding. One is using olive oil and resting for 10 minutes. Other is using veggie oil snd resting for 30 minutes. Which one should I use and also do they freeze well . Thank you.
  5. Does it matter what % milk and can you use Lactose Free milk? Thanks


  1. Great the first go... Have you ever heard of a Roll with a Soft boiled egg in the middle called “A Rebel Inside”? Well that is what inspired me to research recipes to create a upgraded version of a REBAL INSIDE. So when I came across this recipe it just made sense. I brought several of these York’s with a perfect orange Jamie egg inside and my co workers were like OMG! I brought enough for e to ration myself a roll for a five day work week kept in the shops fridge. Nope my work buddies snagged them up on Monday, all good, I love to cook so just made some more with new twists to the batter. Like provincial herbs Cheese and bacon Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Latest tweet is putting gourmet 2” cuts of sausage sections in the middle of YorkShires. A grand adult version of pig in a blanket... Oh that’s what I will call them “Yorkshire Piggies” But the “Rebels Inside” are the Bomb just be extra careful to start with a 3 minute hard boiled egg that you soak in ice after the boil just before plopping into your batter and do turn down the heat a bit after 12-15 minutes so you keep your eggs orange and jammy! Keep on cooking passionately
  2. mine are the best ever
    • Review photo by Neil B.
  3. Best ones I have ever made, will be using this from now on!
    • Review photo by Caroline M.
  4. These were great. Make sure to have time to let the batter rest and fill the cup only 3/4 of the way.
  5. Great recipe and worked wonderfully. When I tried the second time making it, I substituted the<br/>oils with the fat/grease reserved and skimmed from juices when roasting beef and the taste was absolutely fantastic!


  1. GLUTEN-FREE VERSION Swap out regular flour for half GF flour half tapioca four/starch. Worked really well! Even at high altitude!
  2. As a Yorkshire girl taught by my grandparents there should be white pepper in there added with the dry mixture i.e flour and salt (normal salt) then eggs (unwhisked) and beaten until the mix makes its own bubbles when you stop. The fat needs to be lard and should be smoking when you take the tray out (there is a cheat for this) then you turn the oven down and cook for roughly 20 minutes ??


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