Head Cheese

Recipe by John DOH
READY IN: 121hrs 15mins


  • 1
    head pork
  • 1
    pork hock
  • 1
    pork tongue
  • 1
    pork heart
  • extra pork rind (skin)


  • Clean pork head, removing bristles, ears and eyes, jaws and bones of nose.
  • Cook with hocks, tongue, heart and beef.
  • Cook rinds in a sepatate container.
  • When well done, remove meat from bones and grind all through a fine plate.
  • Mis very well and add some salt and pepper with meat juice to make a good mix.
  • Place the ground results in a cheesecloth bag and top with a heavy weight to press out the "extra" fat.
  • When cold, cut in large slices, and make a mix of 2 cups of water and one cup vinegar, bring to a boil, then cool and pour over meat, letting stand in a crock pot for 5 days or until fully soaked through.
  • Serve with raw onion and vinegar for dinner, or herat and serve with fried potato -- .