Greek Tempeh Pitas

Greek Tempeh Pitas created by fluffernutter

This is by far my favourite way of eating tempeh. I am craving it right now! You can make it vegan by using vegan tzatziki.

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  • Slice tempeh medium thin.
  • Marinate in olive oil, soy sauce, crushed garlic, dried oregano and lemon juice. After 1 hour (or longer) saute in frying pan until crispy.
  • Meanwhile mix diced tomatoes, cucumber, onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar and a drizzle of oil in a small bowl.
  • Heat pita on each side in frying pan.
  • To assemble, place pita on a plate, lay tempeh over pita, spoon on tomato and cucumber mixture and top with tzatziki.
  • I eat mine with a knife and fork, but my husband prefers to fold his in half and eat with his hands. Either way, this is my favourite tempeh dish!
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@erinn in tbay
@erinn in tbay
"This is by far my favourite way of eating tempeh. I am craving it right now! You can make it vegan by using vegan tzatziki."

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  1. Kiwi Kathy
    This is SO, SO, GOOD!!! Fabulous. Quick, easy and very tasty. Even DH who is not keen on tofu stuff declared it a winner. High praise indeed. I used store bought Greek yoghurt dip in place of the Tzatziki to save me the bother of making it. Guessed the oil and soy quantities. About 2 tblsp oil and 1 tbsp soy sauce. The tomato / cucumber / onion blend was delicious after a little marinating too. Made for an easy week night dinner and this will be a recipe I will be making again.
  2. Inspiritual
    i actually thought i had commented on this before, but i guess not. my wife and I love this dish. it is so easy to make and so tasty. i had a friend who hates vegetarian dishes over for dinner and he had three of them. so glad i made a double batch. so much for leftovers. i do agree with the others that it would have been nice to have amounts of olive oil and soy, but i just eyeball it and i have also found that i like it best when i allow it to marinate over night when i have time.
  3. innanah
    This was actually pretty good. Now that I've fixed it once I'll know a little better on how to fix it next time. I would definitely allow time to let both the tempeh and the vegetable mixture marinate. I would also add some fresh chopped cilantro as a garnish to top the dish off after being completed. Unlike what the recipe says in regards to slicing the tempeh, I crumbled mine up, for me this is easier to mix in the other ingredients (they all mesh better that way) and also easier to cook/fry and spoon/scoop out of the pan and into or onto a pita. I didn't know what tzatziki was and my local organic grocery store didn't either, so I picked up some Cucumber & Shallot vinaigrette and that seemed to work just fine. What was a really special treat was gently warming both the tempeh mixture and the vegetable mixture (separately or together) a day later as leftovers over a warm pita and it was 10 times more delicious than the day of cooking, letting the flavors gel and marinate really make a difference with this recipe. Also, this is a great recipe to make ahead of time and just scoop/spoon as you need for a day or two (or three) for a quick and delicious meal for lunch or on the run! (and healthy I might add)
  4. Garlic Chick
    This was my first attempt at cooking with tempeh and I liked the idea of the gyros. I made as stated but instead of the balsamic and oil used home made Greek salad dressing. I toasted my pitas in the toaster oven and next time will use the pan method as I thought they were too crunchy. These were excellent and filling, I'll make them again for sure. Thanks for posting, erinn in tbay!
  5. Terriyaki 2
    UGH! This was my first time cooking with tempeh and I very much doubt I will ever buy it again. Would be nice to know how much soy and olive oil, too. I made my own tzatziki and it was the only saving grace.

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