Gluten & Lactose Free Bread

"This recipe was posted for a request for gluten&lactose free bread. Quoting the website that this recipe was taken from, "This recipe comes from Glenna Vance at Red Star who was looking for a moist and tasty gluten-free bread that reduces the cholesterol (no egg yolks) and is also lactose-free. This is a real gift for gluten-free bread bakers!" I'm not really sure of the prep time"
photo by magpie diner photo by magpie diner
photo by magpie diner
Ready In:
1 loaf




  • In a med sized bowl, measure all of the dry ingredients.
  • Stir or whisk well.
  • Combine liquids and mix well.
  • Large Bread Machine method: Transfer wet and dry ingredients and yeast to baking pan of bread machine in the order suggested by the manufacturer.
  • Press start.
  • Help mix dough during kneading cycle; Mixture will be very thick.
  • Use 1 rise and 1 knead cycle if machine is programmable.
  • Remove upon completion of baking cycle.
  • Oven method: Preheat oven to 375°F.
  • Lightly oil a 9-x-5-inch loaf pan.
  • Add yeast to mix and beat in liquids.
  • Beat 2 minutes.
  • Scrape into loaf pan, cover with plastic wrap, and let rise to the top of the pan.
  • Bake 40-45 minutes or until lightly browned.
  • Cool on a wire rack before slicing.

Questions & Replies

  1. Genius I have loved all your recipes, but not this one. It has a very salty, bitter after taste. I've gone over the recipe several times, but could it be to much of the starches or the Xantham Gum? I double checked amounts and directions done correctly. Please advise.
  2. Do you have to freeze this bread or can you store it like regular bread?


  1. Best best best gluten free bread ever! Tastes like real bread! I used 1 t. Honey and safflower instead of canola! I also let it knead for 20 in breadmaker, let rise in warm 200 degree oven and then cook about 40-45 mins! Awesome!!
  2. This is the best gluten-free bread recipe I have tried! It's tasty and not crumbly. Because I don't have a problem with cholesterol, I used 3 whole eggs rather than 4 egg whites & egg substitute. I also use olive oil instead of canola and bake using the old fashioned method rather than a bread machine.
  3. This recipe is wonderful. It is consistently very good, the best I have tried yet. I tried subbing a cup of sorghum flour for the rice and didn't care much for it that way, but I can sub for the starches with no problem ( I usually don't have potato starch so often use tapioca for it) but the potato starch does add a bit more softness if you have it.
  4. Our family is less than a week into trying to go gluten and dairy free for our daughter, for whom we are trying to resolve some serious behavior issues. Last week I bought some gluten and dairy-free bread at the store, and it is AWFUL. It feels and tastes like a sponge, and it was very expensive. My daughter is a picky eater, so I was feeling like finding something to send her to school with for lunch was going to be unmanageable, but then I decided to try baking some and found this recipe. I just had my second slice - it is AMAZING!!!! I would not know it was missing wheat. I was only going to have one tiny piece, but had to have a second one. The only deviation I made from the recipe was three eggs instead of the egg substitute and egg whites, and I used the oven recipe because my breadmaker doesn't have a gluten-free setting. What a relief - my daughter can eat peanut butter sandwiches for lunch again! I am a happy mom right now. :-)
  5. I'm not giving this any stars until I try and make it again exactly as written. I didn't have all the flours, so subbed other flours instead. Maybe that threw things off, because my bread was really, really dry. So dry, in fact, that the texture was more like a crumb topping for a cobbler--no kidding! I make regular bread all the time, so was shocked and added a bit more water...enough for it to stick together and make a loaf. So far, it's been rising for 4 hours and it might have risen a 1/4 of an inch. I'm leaving it in my oven overnight to see if it rises more. I don't want all those expensive flours to go to waste. =( With all the positive reviews, I'm sure I did something wrong, so I'll try it again.


  1. I only had one egg, so used one whole egg and 2 TBS of milk. I used flax meal as my egg substitute. This did not rise very high, but isn't super gummy. I replaced potato starch with white rice flour, and replaced cornstarch with tapioca flour (due to severe allergy to corn). This made a HEAVY loaf, not fluffy and YES you can tell this is a gluten free bread. Like most homemade GF breads, this tastes like french toast without the flavorings.
  2. This is the best gluten-free bread recipe I have tried! It's tasty and not crumbly. Because I don't have a problem with cholesterol, I used 3 whole eggs rather than 4 egg whites & egg substitute. I also use olive oil instead of canola and bake using the old fashioned method rather than a bread machine.
  3. I make this bread for my gluten and dairy free dad and he loves it. I make it into 4 mini loaves and do half of them with sugar & cinnamon and raisins. I usually soften the raisins ahead in water and baking soda. I have also experimented with substituting agave nectar for the sugar and it works great.
  4. This bread turned out so great! Wow! I've had a few recipes bomb the last few days and my girls were skeptical I'd ever be able to do GF/CF/SF bread successfully. Glad to prove them wrong! I didn't have egg substitute, so used 1 whole egg and 3 extra egg whites. And I used lemon juice instead of the apple cider vinegar. Worked well! I also let the bread machine do the mix and knead, then pulled it out before the bake cycle to finish it in a loaf pan in the oven. We will be making this regularly from now on! Thanks for sharing--
  5. This bread is good! i'll be making this often, I think, as I'm very happy with the result. It's fluffy and flexible, easy to slice thin without being at all gummy. I substituted one cup of rice flour for a cup all purpose GF flour that had guar gum in it, because I didn't have any xanthan gum. I also used three whole eggs, like PetiteKitchen suggested. Prep time was 15 minutes mixing and measuring ingredients, 45 minutes rising and 40 minutes baking in the oven. It came out looking exactly like the loaf in the photograph ;-) The children gobbled it up, and I could hardly keep myself from doing the same!


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