Garantita (Algerian Chickpea Pie)

"I am not sure if that is how you spell it! I saw the recipe in "The Great Book of Couscous" and they called it Karantika. This is popular in Algeria (and made in my house a few times per week). It is best served sliced with bread and a bit of harissa or on crackers. Baking time can be decreased to make a mushier version. A food processor is used to make sure you get a smooth combination of ingredients. Chick pea flour can be found in Indian Grocery Stores. It is called "Besan"."
Garantita (Algerian Chickpea Pie) created by Kan Z.
Ready In:
1hr 5mins




  • Combine flour, water, oil, salt and pepper in food processor until mixture is smooth.
  • Pour into glass or metal pan at least 6x10-inch.
  • Pour the beaten egg over.
  • Bake 375° for 1 hour or until top becomes golden.
  • Sprinkle with cumin.
  • Slice and serve on baguette with harissa or other hot sauce.

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  1. l.e.n.ax241
    I am so thankful I tried this recipe amongst other recipes that say to add eggs. I've tried with eggs but it always comes out horrible and tough. I'm only 14 and tend to over think things when I'm baking because I'm not experienced with it, but this is was so easy you could practically eyeball the measurements and come out with something just as delicious. Some advice for new bakers making this: - It's perfectly normal if your batter is very very watery, it will bake. - Don't worry about precision when it comes to measuring, this is a sloppy pie and doesn't require much thought. - It's better to not over bake it, 1 hour is perfectly good for this. If you overbake, it will get rubbery and not as creamy as you would hope for. Thank you to @duonyte for your help with answering my questions :)
  2. l.e.n.ax241
    I also have a question regarding the food processor. Is it necessary or can I just mix it with a whisk? I don't have much modern kitchenware so my options are limited down to just doing things the old fashioned way. I know the answer might be pretty obvious but I'm not that good when it comes to baking so I'm just making sure ??
  3. l.e.n.ax241
    All I have is olive oil, what difference does it make? Or could I use melted margarine?? Someone please help me
  4. Anonymous
    Great recipe! It came out so creamy and delicious!
  5. Kan Z.
    Garantita (Algerian Chickpea Pie) Created by Kan Z.



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