Easy Tender Grilled Pork Steak

"From Alton Brown. This is really delicious."
photo by diner524 photo by diner524
photo by diner524
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  • Season steak with all the seasonings.
  • Grill on each side for 2 minutes and then let sit to cook on the plate for 5-10 minutes, covered.

Questions & Replies

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  1. warder1
    How hot is the grill and do you mean to cook it on the grill on a dinner plate? Never heard of such a thing!!


  1. gwynn
    This was such a wonderful tasting pork recipe. So simple and easy to make. We will be using this alot I'm sure. Thanks for posting this recipe.
  2. CJAY8248
    This was outstanding! I made it exactly as written using the No Salt. It was super easy and looked just like the picture taken by diner524. We loved this and will be using it a lot. I really liked the tender, juicy meat. Thanks for sharing this great recipe (and thanks to Alton, too).
  3. soul1
    late home rushed this through,with roasted potatoes and green beans,fantastic taste and so so tender.
  4. mightyro_cooking4u
    Very good pork steak. I did it on the Nuwave Oven. Very tender and tasty. Made for I Recommend tag.
  5. diner524
    I made this for a awesome lunch today!!! Neither of my kids care for pork chops or pork steaks, but I do, so I tag them every so often to indulge myself at lunch. I cheated and didn't measure the spices, just sprinkled all four on each side of the pork steak. I then cooked it on our outdoor gas grill on high to get some good grilling taste. I then covered the plate with foil, and patiently waited, lol!!! It was so tasty and juicy, in fact, I had to get a paper plate after taking picture, to put the raw carrots and garlic bread on!!! Thanks Wi Cheesehead for sharing this yummy recipe. Made for 123 tag!!


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