Chicken Soup

READY IN: 1hr 25mins
SERVES: 6-10
YIELD: 1 gallon




  • Put the butter and onion into the bottom of a soup pot. Turn the heat to medium low and season with salt. Simmer, covered slowly for 10-20 minutes, until well wilted, but not brown.
  • Add the carrots. Coat well in the butter and onion. Cover and cook two to four minutes.
  • Add the celery. Coat well in the butter and onion juices. Season with some salt and some pepper lightly.
  • Cook, covered, stirring from time to time.
  • The goal is here to have the celery and carrots almost fully cooked without ever having introduced any broth to the pot. It gives them a good flavor, otherwise they get bland. The onions can dissolve into nothingness, it is for the taste, not the texture. Have the carrot done and the celery almost near completion.
  • Stir in the flour and cook briefly. Pour over the broth through a strainer, if it has not already been done.
  • Add the noodles. They will soak up a lot of salt, so even if the soup is salt, it may need a little bit more.
  • Cook the noodles only for a couple of minutes. They cook fast and should be al dente.
  • Add the chicken and some parsley. Stir well, tasting. Stir or sit until the noodles feel cooked right. Serve.
  • Note: If the vegetables feel hard a little after the broth is added, simmer them briefly before adding the paste. They will not cook much further during that time. Don't have them mushy. This soup may be a little hard to get the first time because there are a few processes going on, but it is good. The best noodle soup I know. Enjoy.