Blender Pancakes

"This is a recipe from my Bosch cookbook: Healthy Recipes from the Heart of Our Homes by Phyllis Stanley. You could use straight milk (or buttermilk) instead of water and powdered milk. These turn out really fluffy. I love the way it foams up in the blender!"
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Ready In:
12 pancakes




  • Put the water, whole grain wheat berries and milk powder in the blender and blend on high 3 minutes.
  • Add egg, oil, honey and salt and blend on high for another minute.
  • Add the baking powder and pulse 3 times, just enough to mix. Mixture should foam up and get very light.
  • Cook immediately on a hot skillet.
  • Serve with maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, or whatever you desire!

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  1. This will be a long review, so bottom line first - these are terrific pancakes! Tasty, light and fluffy, and I LOVE that are whole grain. And whole grain that is less processed than store-bought flour! I had trouble with this the first two times I made it. It was pretty much milk with bits of wheat berries in it. I emailed WI Cheesehead who very kindly gave a quick response and thought the problem was probably that my blender isn't powerful enough to pulverize the wheat. So this time I used my food processor. I started with just the berries, then added just enough buttermilk to get it moving. It took about 5 minutes instead of 3, but the berries were finally pulverized! From there I continued with the recipe as is. I served it our favorite way - with a choice of maple syrup and/or fresh fruit topping (cooked and thickening with cornstarch - much like pie filling but less sweet). MMmmmmmmmm!!!
  2. Very good pancakes! I've never made anything with wheat berries and I was a little nervous but these cook up very well and they were so simple to put together. I put blueberries in some of them and served them with maple syrup. Thanks!


I am a Christian wife and mother of 3 kids. Since my DH's high cholesterol, we've been eating better. I never used to like cooking. Since eating better, I've liked learning and preparing new recipes. My kids haven't reconciled themselves to the new eating yet. I grind my own grain and make all my own breads.?Working 2 hours a day in the local high school lunch room.??I am homeschooling my high schooler.? ?Also found out 1 child has multiple food allergies (wheat, dairy, tomato, chocolate, etc) and another is gluten sensitive. So, we just started (July 09) eating gluten and dairy free. I've been busy with getting our house market ready, even though it's not the best time for that.?
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