Blender Potato Pancakes

Blender Potato Pancakes created by juno0404

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  • Assemble blender.
  • Put eggs, onion, salt, flour, baking powder and 1/2 C potato cubes into blender container.
  • Cover and process at#7 until smooth.
  • Add remaining potatoes, cover and process 2 cycles at#9.
  • Pour into a hot, well greased griddle.
  • Drain on absorbent paper.
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  1. Vince F.
    Easy to follow and delicious recipe. the batter should end up like pancake batter....use a bit more flour at a time and blend until it does. If you add more than 2 tablespoons of flour also add a bit more baking powder. We cooked them in a waffle iron, spraying both halves of the iron with a butter spray. A lot less messy and no excess grease. We doubled the recipe and they turned out great. Topped with sour cream and chives and a few strips of bacon. Also had leftovers that we toasted to have with eggs in the morning.
    • Review photo by Vince F.
  2. LeAnn T.
    Blender Potato Pancakes Created by LeAnn T.
  3. LeAnn T.
    My grandmother grew up on the Czech/German border and used to make these all the time. I have made this particular recipe numerous times. The ingredients are fine except one large egg is plenty. Also potato has a lot of water in it already. You might have to add a little bit more flour in between each batch because as your potato mixture is sitting there more water is drawn out of the potatoes. You don't have to add alot, I only added about a tablespoon more. I gave only 4 stars because too much egg in the original recipe and I don't want to take away from the flavor by adding more egg than what is necessary.
  4. safiya_thiessen
    This is the potato pancake recipe I grew up on. My mom misplaced the Osterizer cookbook it came in, so thank you so much for posting it!! If the pancakes are gooey in the middle, you're not spreading them thinly enough, or the heat may be too high. These pancakes are more like potato crepes. They should be very thin (use a spatula to spread the batter out) and you need to cook them long enough that they release from the pan easily before attempting to flip them. Also, make sure the pan is well oiled and properly preheated.
  5. juno0404
    Blender Potato Pancakes Created by juno0404

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