Black Olive & Clam Dip

Recipe by Loving Chef
READY IN: 15mins




  • Add Sour Cream to a mixing bowl.
  • Open cans of clams and drain the juice using a strainer and a separate small bowl underneath - set aside the clam juice for later.
  • Add clams, drained black olives, juice of half a lemon, garlic powder and celery salt. Stir well. Now add clam juice - about a Tablespoon depending on the consistency of the dip – and stir again.
  • At this point you must taste the dip. Can you taste the lemon playing off the clams? Is there enough celery salt and garlic? If you desire more lemon, celery salt or garlic – now is the time to add those seasonings. You may also add the optional ingredient of freshly ground black pepper - if you like this flavor. Be sure to taste the dip again using a spoon or with one of the dipping carbs. I love this dip so much – that it doesn’t take me long to consume a few sample tastes!
  • Be sure to place it in your favorite serving dish – I always choose something special for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years - and its usually crystal to celebrate the holiday. I place the crystal dish for the dip in the middle of a special large round serving tray and surround it with all or at least one of the following: Ritz Crackers, Ruffles Ridged Potato Chips, and mini pretzels.
  • For those reading who enjoy vegetables - you can also add dipping vegetables that go with fish. We have used: cucumber (sliced into rounds or cut into spears), celery sticks, and cherry tomatoes.
  • Favorite holiday beverage that goes well with this dip is Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. I don't drink it that often unless it is during the holidays - it makes it that much more special served chilled in a beautiful goblet or wine glass to toast the holiday season.