Best Diet Cabbage Soup

"I've tried a bunch of different diet cabbage soup recipes, and this one is really just an excellent variation on a theme. I think the flavors come together nicely, and are interesting enough that you won't get sick of it after one bowl! I made this on a whim one day, and didn't even have to leave the house to get any of the ingredients (We have a weird, but well-stocked pantry!). I guess that sort of makes it a "kitchen sink" type soup, but it's still in that all-you-can-eat category, and so delicious!"
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Ready In:
1 huge pot




  • Throw EVERYTHING into a big pot!
  • Cover everything with water and place on the stove. You want the water to be just covering all the vegetables by a half inch or so, unless you want it really soupy--then add more water.
  • Bring everything to a boil, then slightly turn down the heat so the soup boils gently for about ten minutes.
  • Cover and simmer until all the vegetables are soft. Season to taste.

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  1. Wendy 88
    This is a really good favorite of all the diet soups I've tried. The thing I changed was to add some V8 juice. Just adding water to cover the vegetables seemed too watery. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to cut back on some calories!
  2. cliffeco
    excellentsoup idea. will try
  3. ladyfingers
    Like Melewen, I also had all the ingredients on hand--bet you do too. It's easy to halve or omit/add ingredients to personal taste. The okra & spinach provide nice color contrast and the cayenne pepper adds just the right amount of heat. After a hard day outside, it was comforting to sit down to a bowl of this cabbage soup. Thanks for sharing.


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