"This is a very old recipe and I have made it for years with no issues. But if you are in doubt, use a pressure canner. If there's enough acid added I don't think you need to pressure can but some newbies come along and "think" they are experts. :) This has to be one of the best antipasto recipes ever! The original recipe came from one of those cookbooks where everyone submits a recipe but it has been modified. The only reason for this is when my Dad and Sister were making it they weren't sure if you were supposed to drain the olives and pickled onions, ...they didn't and it came out great! The longer you can let it sit the better it taste. It is quite a costly recipe to make so what I do is buy the "sale" items throughout the year and make it up a bit before Christmas, that's why I'm posting it now---watch for sales :)"
Antipasto created by Debber
Ready In:
1hr 30mins
28 Pints




  • Mix first 5 ingredients in large pot. Boil 5 minutes.
  • Add next 4 ingredients, boil 10 minutes.
  • Add balance of ingredients. Try not to break up shrimp and tuna too much. Bring to just boiling.
  • Process in a hot water bath for 15 minutes.
  • Note: *Drain everything except olives and pickled onion juice. Biffy and Frank's flub (taste great.) Omit vinegar.
  • Optional - small amount of brown sugar, HP sauce, chopped garlic, hot pepper sauce (dried or fresh) WE NEVER USE THESE.
  • Something sure has changed with Recipe Zaar! When trying to put the ingredients in it was a big pain in the butt for the sizes. I've converted the grams to ounces but I didn't have everything in my cupboard to actually look at so I guessed. But most cans come pretty standard, and the "Frozen Shrimp" is a large bag -- it wouldn't let me put just "large.".

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  1. angetorres
    This is very similar to my recipe I got 30 yrs ago from a coworker except I don't add shrimp. Fear of contamination. I use colored peppers instead of green. Mine has 1 cup of olive oil and 1 cup of vinegar. I use fresh green beans, blanched.
    • Review photo by angetorres
  2. angela
    Hi all. Great recipe but...CAUTION: I know the author says (just like my grandmother did) "I have made [this recipe] for years with no issues". And of course, yes, the likelihood of a batch of water-bath canned antipasto getting botulism, is extremely rare... I've actually been driving for 30 years and never had an accident, but that doesn't mean I don't wear my seat belt. Dormant botulism spores are present in a lot of the food we eat and pass through us harmlessly. But when they sit in an anaerobic environment--like a jar of antipasto--they can become active and infectious (esp in foods containing protein like the shrimp and tuna in this recipe). It's very rare, but it happens Botulism spores are killed at temperatures in excess of 120c/248f. Normal boiling water (water bath canning) cannot get that hot (100c/212f) maximum. The "pressure" in a pressure canner, enables the higher temperature need to kill botulism. That is why all commercial food (esp protein and low acid foods) is pressure canned. Botulism is one of the most deadly toxins on earth and one of the most horrible food poisonings. It is often accompanied by paralysis (which is why botox works) and even in healthy people, can cause months of weakness and respiratory distress. The fatality rate of botulsm is about 5% (check out the CDC if you're interested). So if you want to take that risk on your own, that's fine. But a recipe site implies some expertise on the part of the author, and inexperienced cooks will look to experts cooks and trust their advice. So please consider that "I've made this recipe for years with no problem" is not safe advice to be giving in a public forum. We buckle up in the car, so let's make sure to be cautious when our advice could cause tragic harm. Thanks!!! (it looks like a great recipe though!! I grew up with this stuff and LOVE it!!)
  3. scrapbookinggrandma
    How long will this recipe keep in the refrigerator?
    Whoa!!?? Been making antipasto for years and always research for a tweak but ketchup for me would be unthinkable especially 8 cups. I use fresh veg so I guess I am somewhat of a snob. That said my 22 pt. recipe starts with 5 C. EVOO, 5 C. cider vinegar, 6 6ounce cans tomato paste, 1 C water and 2T pickling spice tied in cheesecloth all mixed together and boiled for 6 minutes then proceed...…..
  5. LauraLLarsen
    Thank you for posting. I was searching for a recipe like this and this is exactly what I was looking for as we used to do jarred Antipasto years ago. It is perfect and we will enjoy this for years to come.



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