9 Recipes to Fill Your Life with Avocado

Guacamania is a special time of year, and much like any holiday, it's worth the anticipation. While you (impatiently) wait for Velas Resorts to start celebrating the iconic Mexican fruit in September, we have recipes straight from Puerta Vallarta that are primed for your kitchen.


Poolside guac might not be a possibility until Guacamania — the Velas Resorts yearly festival in September dedicated to the avocado in all its forms — but we've got the next best thing: the same guacamole recipe served in the sunshine at Grand Velas. Fair warning: You're not going to want to share.

Avocado Frappe

Think you know pool bars? Think again. Casa Velas upgrades the outdoor drinking game with this creamy, blended cocktail artfully topped off with blue Curaçao. Bad news: You can only get these during Guacamania. Good news: We got you the recipe.

Avocado Tacos in Blue Corn

Fresh blue corn tortillas cradle ripe, creamy avocado in this easy-to-make taco.

The Avocado Cocktail

It's time to start guacamole and cocktail pairings, and this drink is all you'll need. Made with tequila, avocado and mint, it's sure to pair perfectly with your favorite guac.

Buttered Beef Fillet With Grilled Avocado

Ever grilled an avocado? Or added butter to your steak? It's never too late to jumpstart your dinner in a big way; so while you're searching flight deals, make this recipe — it'll help.

Alligator Pear Mojito

Avocado, meet mojito. The creamy fruit adds surprising texture and depth to this much-loved drink.

Avocado Cream

Need a beach vacation and a bit of pampering? Eating this avocado cream is the next best thing. It goes great with just about everything, but we can't get enough of it when served alongside jumbo shrimp.

Palta Pistacho

Somewhere between pistachio ice cream and craveable cocktails lives this silky drink, perfect for those evenings when you want to pretend you're at the beach.

Tuna Sashimi With Avocado

Sushi-grade tuna and avocado are wrapped together to create a stunning, very delicious, main course.