15 Bubbly Beer Cocktails

If you think a beer all by itself is great, try one of these sudsy sippers. Mixed with juice, liquor and even Jell-O - you just might see your love of beer reach new heights.

Skip & Go Naked

"This is awesome. A friend and I had these and thought they were completely yummy. I will definitely make again!"

-Doglover61(aka Earnhardt)

Lager & Lemon-Limeade

"This is like a shandy with lime. It is a lovely and refreshing drink."



"This is quite good and very refreshing. It's a totally different take on beer!"


Tailgating Beer-Tini

"This drink tasted so good. It was so refreshing, people were shocked to find out that it had beer in it."

-Chef #917618

Beer Jell-O Shots

"These were so good! I'm glad I found a Jell-O shot recipe that isn't made of hard liquor. I like Jell-O shots too much and these have a much slower kick!"


Sunkissed Beergarita

This is a really good drink. I love margaritas and beer, and this is the perfect combination of both!"


Watermelon Beer

"Seriously, this is the best beer cocktail I've tried. My husband loved it, and even drank the watermelon juice by itself! We will definitely be making this again for parties!"


Ginger Beer Fizz

"This is yummy and refreshingly good. I love ginger and this gives the beer a nice bite!"


Tijuana Taxi

"I knew as soon as I read the recipe that this was my kind of drink. I really can't tell you how many refills of this I had: five or six maybe? It's a great, great drink!"


Snake Bite

"I always wondered what was in this drink. I like the fact that the beer tempered the cider. It's yummy! I think I'll have another!"


Lemon Beer

"I made these last week for an 'all-lemon' dinner. I am not a big mixed drink fan, but these were very good, and will be a great addition to serve at our cocktail bar!"


Quarterback Martini

"Don't knock it til you try it! This drink truly quenches your the thirst."

-Happy Harry #2

Dutch 75

"This is a nice beer recipe. I enjoyed this with a few friends and we came up with the five star rating together!"


German Beer Cooler

"This is so refreshing and such a great way to remove that bite from a strong beer."

-Papa D 1946-2012

Black & Berry

"The chocolate-raspberry flavor in this drink was delicious."