11 Bake Sale Goodies

Want the secret to bringing in the most money at the bake sale? Cook up one of these sweet treats and watch them fly off the table!

Lemon Bars

"I found these bars to be absolutely fantastic! They are better than your favorite bakery. I got rave reviews from everyone!"


Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chippies

"Amazing! These vanished so fast it was crazy! I loved how soft and fluffy they come out. This is now my go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies!"


Marbled Brownies

"Very yummy! The whole family enjoyed these! Easy to make, too. Lovely frosting that's just right: rich and fudgy, but not so much of it that it's cloyingly sweet."


White Chocolate & Maple Rice Krispie Squares

"This turns a traditional kid's favorite treat into an adult's guilty pleasure! We enjoyed every aspect of this recipe!"

-Susie D


Crunchy cookies dipped in sweet icing laced with sprinkles—what's not to love about this childhood classic?

No-Bake Fudge Cookies

"Yummy! We received these in a cookie swap and both my kids loved them! Chocolatey and tasty!"


Divine Vanilla Cupcakes

"These are sweet vanilla cupcakes! They have such a nice light texture and baked up perfectly. Very tasty and simple to make!"


Sugar Donut Muffins

"I just made these for an event at my daughter's school, and they were fabulous! They stayed moist and cakey, and the sugar on top set them off nicely."

-PSU Lioness

Nanaimo Bars

"These were delicious! Tasted just like the ones I remember eating when I was young. Don't tell anyone, but I ate two of these for breakfast!"


7-Up Bundt Cake

"If I could give this cake 10 stars, I would! Fantastic taste — a nice light lemon cake. I will be making this over and over again!"

-Melany *

Cookies 'n Cream Fudge

"This is delicious! I made some for a bake sale at the office and after sampling some, my husband said he was going to have to buy it all back!"

-Jnet 72