Weight Watcher Pudding Jello Fruit Fluff (Ww)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

I got this at my WW meeting. The nice thing about this is that you can use any combination of pudding and jello and (most) fruits that you want. I've also used frozen no sugar added raspberries, and strawberries and left out the fruit cocktail - this recipe is only limited by your imagination!! Oh - and the best part is it's only 1 point for a whole cup!!

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  1. drain all fruit.
  2. mix jello and pudding into thawed cool whip.
  3. gently fold drained fruit into cool whip mixture.
  4. chill.
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This was really good! Thank you for posting! I used peach jello with assorted mixed fruit, and everyone loved it. Even my DH who claims he doesn't like peaches. Next time I'll cut the recipe in half. The serving size was a bit to big for my family, especially since we're calorie counters and can only have a small portion each day.

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My grandkids and I made this with orange jello. It was a great recipe for the little ones to make. I thought It was ok but I would try another flavor next time.

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Weight Watcher website says the points per serving is 2 points, not 1 point per serving...