Way Too Easy Cranberry/Orange Relish

Total Time
5 mins
5 mins

Old, way old Betty Crocker recipe which I always make for the Holidays. I did a recipe search and was surprised not to find it here. This is best when kept (covered) in refrigerator overnight and it stays fine for 4-5 days.

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  1. Wash orange really well. Do not peel.
  2. Chop whole orange as finely as possible with a sharp knife (don't be tempted to blizt, makes it too mushy). Discard seeds (pips).
  3. Open jar, place sauce in bowl, mash a little.
  4. Add orange.
  5. Stir with fork to combine well.
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This could NOT be easier! I've made many cooked cran/orange relishes & honestly, this was just as good. I needed a quick & simple recipe for Turkey Cranwiches since the grocery store didn't have any cran/orange to sell. It was so easy that I could make it the night before and refrigerate it for lunch the next day. Then I ended up using it with Sweet Southern Orange Scones as well! Thanks for posting this one omeomy! We'll be using it again. :)

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Omeomy! I have been looking for this recipe for years! I love to eat it plane! Thanks for posting. It's great over vanilla ice cream also.

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Easy? You Betcha! I feel like I've been wasting my life making it the 'new fangled' way, when the OLD way is really just at tasty and VERY easy. I cant wait to see how many at the table notice the difference, tomorrow. hehehehe.