Victory's Take on Webers BBQ Chicken Marinade

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

dare to compare the taste of this bbq marinade to others it is GREAT

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  1. whisk all ingredients in medium bowl till well blended add chicken marinade 4-8 hours in fridge.
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Didn't think it was as great as I was hoping. Thought having all the different ingredients that there would be a nice twang to the flavor. It was okay. It is definatley worth a try for others. It always depends on how you cook chicken that will determine how tender it comes out. Don't be afraid to just grill for 20 for a normal sized skinless-boneless chicken breast. I've found in my ventures with recipes that marinading isn't the key to tender chicken, it only brings out flavor. Brining a chicken is the key to a tender meat, always. Thanks for posting and giving us more additions to our chicken recipes.

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That's a lot of ingredients but so worth it. The chicken was so good in it. A great blend of flavors. Thanks Victoryred Chef :) Made for Name that ingredient tag game

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I didn't add quite as much ketchup. It was pretty good but I've had better. I used it on skinless boneless chicken breasts on the Weber and they were juicy and moist and very flavorful.